Transfer a Rise course into Powerpoint?

Oct 02, 2019

I built two beautiful RISE courses but have some locations that need a hard copy due to not having any internet. Is there a way to transfer them into powerpoint so that I can create a hard copy?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Noel!

We have an active feature request for enhancing the PDF output when publishing a Rise course to PDF. I've linked this conversation to the feature request to update you if this feature makes it on our roadmap.

In the meantime, I hope other community members will share if they've found a workaround! I appreciate you taking the time to share in this discussion, Noel!

Noel Lyons

Thank you for the response - it would be hugely helpful to have this feature improved. We have to offer online and in-person training and we'd like to build online first and convert to PPT or PDF for the in-person training so the presentation is consistent online or off.

Please do keep me on the list for updates and if you need a BETA tester - I can help!
Thank you!

Noël Lyons
Corporate Instructional Designer, Learning & Development

Claus Andersen

I had the same question, as the page split are really bad. What I just did now, was publish to PDF, then upload the PDF to my Adope from where I can convert to PPT. If you do not intent to use it as PPT, you can edit the pages and just save as PDF again. 

The solution works for me, eventhough it takes a few steps.