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Saumitra Dasgupta
Can I use articulate presenter 90 license key for articulate 360?
Articulate Presenter 3 hours ago
By Saumitra Dasgupta
Cindy Balbuena
Hello - I need to move a published Presenter 360 course into a new Ppt template. When I copy/pasted the slides into the new template and go to Narration in...
Articulate Presenter 9 hours ago
By Cindy Balbuena
Cristina Ordoqui-Gomez
Hi Everyone, In Presenter 360, how can I ensure learners watch a web video before clicking 'Next'? I've tried adjusting the slide properties, player properties, ...
Articulate Presenter 17 hours ago
By Cristina Ordoqui-Gomez
Annemarie Lake
Hi All, It is the first time i have used articulate replay and i am pretty happy with the video i created so far for being time poor, apart from the ending of the audi...
Articulate Replay 8 days ago
By Annemarie Lake
Batuhan Karagol
Hi All, I want to build a game similar to the following game in Articulate. Is it possible to achieve the pig jump with differ...
Articulate Replay 16 days ago
By Batuhan Karagol
Brenda Bailey
How can I keep third party cookies from blocking me
Articulate Presenter 21 days ago
By Brenda Bailey
Marvin O'Brien
I am previewing my materials and when I select preview the narration will not play. I tried to publish this course and test it there and the narration will not p...
Articulate Presenter 1 month ago
By Marvin O'Brien
robin innes
I've actually done a search here, but I cannot locate any Presenter 360 player templates. Looking for chromeless. I've located some Storyline 360 ones...
Articulate Presenter 2 months ago
By robin innes
Alyson Ebaugh
Click here to apply: UNC Charlotte’s Office of Learning & Organization Development is looking for an Instructional Sy...
Articulate Engage 3 months ago
By Alyson Ebaugh
Emily Malin
I've built an assessment in Quizmaker that has a bank of over 100 questions but these are randomised so only 40 are answered by the student. I need to be able to pull ...
Articulate Quizmaker 3 months ago
By Emily Malin
Santiago Corzón
Hello! Let's see if someone can help me. I have created a series of powerpoint slides, one of them has a YouTube video inserted. The slides have a duration of 50 secon...
Articulate Presenter 7 months ago
By Santiago Corzón
Naweed Nayib
Hi, I am planning to create an assessment with a couple of questions with 4 multiple choice options. There is no right/wrong answer however each question should ...
Articulate Quizmaker 7 months ago
By Naweed Nayib
Samuel Rackstraw
Dear Heroes, I am an Articulate 360 user and regularly build E-Learnings based on PowerPoint files, sometimes including Quizmaker quizzes during production. I don't ha...
Articulate Quizmaker 7 months ago
By Samuel Rackstraw
Annie McBrien
When I open the Narrator feature in Presenter 360, my screen freezes up. Some examples are: not being able to switch between slides, progress bar not going away after ...
Articulate Presenter 11 months ago
By Annie McBrien
Jackie Christie
Hi, I would like to remove the padding around my quiz within my LMS. Currently, the embed code that I am using is as follows: <div><iframe framebo...
Articulate Quizmaker 11 months ago
By Jackie Christie
aditya khanna
The ultimate gains from the use of LMS for corporate training depend upon the existing IT infrastructure in the organization. LMS technology has proved its multidimens...
Articulate Engage 12 months ago
By aditya khanna
Mike Olivieri
We’re so excited to share the latest update to Studio 360: Now you can access Content Library 360 images, icons, and videos right in Studio 360. You can already add b...
Articulate Engage 1 year ago
By Mike Olivieri
Mike Olivieri
We’re so excited to share the latest update to Studio 360: Now you can access Content Library 360 images, icons, and videos right in Studio 360. You can already add b...
Articulate Quizmaker 1 year ago
By Mike Olivieri
Dakota Thomas
Hello! I was wondering if you could set up Quizmaker (Studio 13) to score based of kappa scoring.  If so, how do I go about creating kappa tests in Quizmaker.   Als...
Articulate Quizmaker over 1 year ago
By Dakota Thomas
Peter Ivany
I have a question bank in a raw text file that I want to import into Quizmaker 360.  The import works well and the questions are all multiple choice only. I want to bu...
Articulate Quizmaker over 1 year ago
By Peter Ivany