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David Sweeten
I disabled syncing to one drive due to the "online presentations aren't supported" error. Now I have a new error "run time error 453". Simply trying to imp...
Articulate Presenter 3 hours ago
By David Sweeten
Idania Ripoll
Hello! I'm a Training Specialist for a Japanese Style Steakhouse and I've recently started using Articulate products to create training material for my company. I've b...
Articulate Quizmaker 9 hours ago
By Idania Ripoll
David Fothergill
Hello, I actually saw your company in an article about top 10 elearning developers in the country and I wanted to offer my services to you. I have e...
Articulate Presenter 15 hours ago
By David Fothergill
Alyssa Coppola
Is it more beneficial to have quizzes in Storyline be graded or ungraded? If you have your quizzes graded, what do you make the passing score? I have done some researc...
Articulate Quizmaker 21 days ago
By Alyssa Coppola
Paul Connor
Can you delete the insert title here when you have up loaded a video into Replay?
Articulate Replay 4 months ago
By Paul Connor
William Barnett
I am trying to create a self-assessment survey using a labelled graphic to guide the users to visually understand questions while the users learn while answering the s...
Articulate Quizmaker 5 months ago
By William Barnett
Norris Lau
Hello, Users sometimes type and input extra space in the end of the answer submission, Scorm just recognized them as wrong answer since there is extra Space as a chara...
Articulate Quizmaker 5 months ago
By Norris Lau
Brandon Dameshek
Hey there, everyone: I currently have a case submitted to Articulate, but I wanted to see if anyone else might have a solution. I am currently updating some eLearning&...
Articulate Presenter 5 months ago
By Brandon Dameshek
Alis Nikolson
We have some courses which require videos that are too large to place directly in the course without buffering for years on our SAP LMS before they play, if they play ...
Articulate Presenter 7 months ago
By Alis Nikolson
laetitia slaes
Bonjour, Jaurais aimer savoir si il est possible pour le scoring des quiz que a la fin du quiz au lieu d'avoir des points ou pourcentage, il serait possible de discern...
Articulate Quizmaker 7 months ago
By laetitia slaes
Charles Friedo
Hey Friends, My team rely on data visualization/charts to constantly customize the visual impact of survey analysis results? This gets super time-consuming! For our re...
Articulate Presenter 9 months ago
By Charles Friedo
Sarah Wilson
Hello everyone, I thought I would share a preview video I made of a Rise course I created for grade 4-6 Science. One thing I love about Replay is how basic it is. When...
Articulate Replay 9 months ago
By Sarah Wilson
Lea Rudolph
Hello, I need to make 'drop-down' and 'multiple gap-fill' activities as shown in the attachment. Is there a quick way to do this with Articulate? In iSpring it's ...
Articulate Quizmaker 9 months ago
By Lea Rudolph
Vilma Zeledon
Hello, I used a pre-made Storyline360 template for a quiz game roll the dice. I have 20 questions. However, when playing it only allows me to play 6 question...
Articulate Quizmaker 9 months ago
By Vilma Zeledon
Lena Drake
Hello Is it possible to create ONE tool, e.g. an online newsletter, using the different interactions in Engage - in other words, I want one tool but with different int...
Articulate Engage 11 months ago
By Lena Drake
Simon Turner
Hello there, Can anyone help me? I am trying to build an interactive glossary (in Engage 360) to embed into a Storyline course and as a standalone glossary. Is it poss...
Articulate Engage 12 months ago
By Simon Turner
SibaPrasad Padhi
Currently the conversation in Engage interaction is showing very small thumbnail image. Can this be make it better/bigger show that it should show a bigger image ...
Articulate Engage 1 year ago
By SibaPrasad Padhi
Craig Morton
Hello everyone! Does anyone have any advice for how to design a "fill in the matrix" question with drop down answers per field?
Articulate Quizmaker 1 year ago
By Craig Morton
Nicola Reynolds
Hi there, I looked at past topics and saw that you can set to 16:9 to remove the black surround from a screen recording. I have done this and I see there is an e...
Articulate Replay 1 year ago
By Nicola Reynolds
Lawley  University
I would like to split a large video into multiple MP4s without going through and deleting and reuploading, is there a way to split and then save as multiple MP4s that ...
Articulate Replay 1 year ago
By Lawley University