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Ashley Terwilliger
By now you’ve likely heard that Adobe is ending its support of Flash on December 31, 2020. In fact, Adobe released the last ever Flash update today, December 10, 2020....
Articulate Presenter 4 months ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Sue Kugler
I'd like to create a sorting activity for our employee career development program where a user can sort through values and place them in one of three categories - most...
Articulate Engage 2 days ago
By Sue Kugler
Brian Sakofsky
Greetings. I have a deck that has an embedded video on a slide. The video is 11:27 in length, and I have restricted navigation, though learners can still click through...
Articulate Presenter 9 days ago
By Brian Sakofsky
Marco Piccirillo
Hello! Is it possible to create a quiz like "who wants to be a millionaire" with the 50:50 key to be used once for the whole game?
Articulate Quizmaker 18 days ago
By Marco Piccirillo
Jennifer Wang
I want to address the user's name in my quiz maker at different stages. How do I get the input field to get the name variable in Quiz Maker?
Articulate Quizmaker 23 days ago
By Jennifer Wang
Helen Carter
Hi everyone. I'm trying to build a self-assessment using Articulate and happy on how to construct the likert scale quiz but my question is: Is it possible to set each ...
Articulate Quizmaker 26 days ago
By Helen Carter
Sajna Thomas
Hi, My client has the following issue: Pls note the courses are built in studio 360. "We are using the AICC wrapper for a Document. The document, a PDF, includes...
Articulate Presenter 1 month ago
By Sajna Thomas
Jason Merrill
I am using Articulate Presenter 360 to embed videos in a PowerPoint file. The video is hosted on a Brightcove server and contains multiple language caption files. I wo...
Articulate Presenter 1 month ago
By Jason Merrill
Suzanne Neafus
IGNORE THIS - it was just the LMS Preview screen. The course loaded ok when taking it as a user. I am probably missing something obvious, so thank you in a...
Articulate Presenter 1 month ago
By Suzanne Neafus
Kasra Manavi
Hello, We are upgrading our website to use an HTML5 version of a quiz now that Flash is defunct. With the Flash version, we processed the quiz results and stored them ...
Articulate Quizmaker 1 month ago
By Kasra Manavi
Andres Arevalo
Buenos días como se puede generar o ir entregando una nota o califacion a medida que se va avanzando En una diapositiva, necesito 5 califaciones 0/25/50/75/100
Articulate Presenter 2 months ago
By Andres Arevalo
Romoaldo Doliz
Good afternoon Guys, Can you please check my story I want to put some conditions whenever am dragging a coins to open a dialog were I can Put the number of the coins t...
Articulate Engage 2 months ago
By Romoaldo Doliz
Lokesh Sahal
We have some certification exams, which have over 100 questions. We are letting users skip some questions, to let them answer the questions later. We have the qu...
Articulate Quizmaker 2 months ago
By Lokesh Sahal
Linda Nelson
In Storyline Quizmaker, is it possible to have the Print 1.3 results slide open in it's own smaller window automatically from the Results Slide?
Articulate Quizmaker 2 months ago
By Linda Nelson
Guy Bosworth
I have a Presenter course that includes multiple Quizmaker quizzes. Given the limitations of the publishing feature, I have to choose one of the quizzes to be reported...
Articulate Presenter 4 months ago
By Guy Bosworth
Kara Lehnhardt
Hello, I'm having trouble accessing my custom project variables in my Report.html file. I see them in my data.js file, but I can't seem to access them.&nb...
Articulate Quizmaker 5 months ago
By Kara Lehnhardt
Otto Rieck
I used to upload my web content to sharepoint in presenter 09 and 13 and could run these programs from a link on a published page of sharepoint. On our new serve...
Articulate Presenter 5 months ago
By Otto Rieck
David Anderson
Hello, all, I'm using the Bulletin Board interaction in a Presenter course and I'd like visually show the user that they have already clicked on a note. I ...
Articulate Engage 5 months ago
By David Anderson
Nicole Brown
Is there a way to have notes from the presentation appear along the bottom of the viewer screen automatically? Currently I only see an option to set the notes up to ap...
Articulate Presenter 6 months ago
By Nicole Brown
Justin Grenier
We want to make sure everyone in the E-Learning Heroes community is aware that Adobe will disable Flash as of December 31, 2020. If you use Storyline 1...
Articulate Presenter 6 months ago
By Justin Grenier
Pragati Gandotra
Hi, I need help to resolve the issue we are facing with the WBT course with audio on Firefox browser and Bookmarking issue on other browsers on the internal platform "...
Articulate Presenter 8 months ago
By Pragati Gandotra