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Daniel Johnson
Hi there! I'm new to Storyline and am just getting started. However, I'm currently stymied by errors: I was initially trying to test out the Graded Question featu...
Articulate Storyline 15 hours ago
By Daniel Johnson
Saif Baug
Hi Everyone, I seem to be having problems with the missing Blocks in Rise 360. and now i am unable to restore it back
Rise 360 16 hours ago
By Saif Baug
Erin King
Hi, The option for uncompressed video is greyed out. It is a separate MP4 I uploaded and haven't touched it with any Storyline editing tools as suggested in anot...
Articulate Storyline 17 hours ago
By Brad Kney
Natosha Gallegos
This file was working (when previewed, published, and after being uploaded to Rise) YESTERDAY. I had to open the file to make some verbiage edits only and now th...
Articulate Storyline 17 hours ago
By Natosha Gallegos
Mary Gladding
Is there a way to disable the quiz results in Rise. We love all the question options in Rise, but don't want to score our learners.
Rise 360 17 hours ago
By Abby Fitzpatrick
Erin Nilles
Hi there! I'm adding a Print Results button and it seems to be effecting my ability to publish the project to Review 360. Every time I disable the trigger, my full pro...
Articulate Storyline 17 hours ago
By Ren Gomez
Carles FB
Hi, I don't understand what may be happenning: one, I insert a video in a storyline with one of my templates and the compression can't be changed. Then, I create...
Articulate Storyline 17 hours ago
By T m
Michelle Childs
I'm trying to set one of my elearning slides so that the Next button (on the player) doesn't appear until four objects on the slide have been visited. ...
Articulate Storyline 18 hours ago
By Scott Taylor
Heather Noland
Hello there - I have a 30 page pdf that needs to be scorm wrapped. no interactions, no quizzes etc. What is the best way to go about this? Storyline, Rise? Any help wo...
Articulate Storyline 18 hours ago
By Heather Noland
Stephen Lee
Hi, I've added variables and triggers to my quiz so it only allows 2 attempts. It works fine, however if the user fails the first attempt and then uses the menu to rev...
Articulate Storyline 18 hours ago
By Stephen Lee
James Oakley
Hello, I am publishing several Articulate Presenter 360 courses to an LMS in HTML5. I looked at YouTube tutorials and previous discussions and it seems like my publish...
Articulate Presenter 18 hours ago
By James Oakley
Tim Slade
Random question...I know that Peek locally saves a copy of my recordings on my computer. Just curious, does Peek automatically delete these after a certain amount of t...
Peek 360 18 hours ago
By Tim Slade
Kristen Garcia
Hi everyone, I'm not new to storyline but I think the trigger options have changed since I last used them and when I try to look up how to add a count to a variable al...
Articulate Storyline 18 hours ago
By Maria Costa-Stienstra
Faith McKinley
I am trying to record a video in Peek, and the window never frames correctly. No matter how I move the frame before recording, the video only captures a corner o...
Peek 360 19 hours ago
By Faith McKinley
Jeff Robedee
Hello: I've published a project several times and get a video that pauses at exactly 9 seconds in-- this occurred in review, on the actual web host, and when I publish...
Articulate Storyline 19 hours ago
By Becca Levan
Dr. Victoria Steeger
I have a text to speech word that I am not sure how to get it to pronounce it a different way. I need the work "Live" to be pronounce like in the word aliv...
Articulate Storyline 19 hours ago
By Graham Cohen
Mike Williams
Problem: Next button is disabled at start of timeline, and the state of the Next button will need to be Normal after all selections on the Dial have been satisfied - b...
Articulate Storyline 19 hours ago
By Michael Hinze
Erik Fullerton
As shown in the attachments I'm having trouble changing the case of the Menu and Resources tabs in the modern player. Changing them in the text label options has no ef...
Articulate Storyline 19 hours ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Ketty Huggins
Hello, I put together training courses in Articulate Storyline for my company. This pattern has happened so many times now: - My supervisor sends me audio with no fluc...
Articulate Storyline 19 hours ago
By J Ochoa
Greg Hagar
Good Morning All, I've got a text variable that stores a value which includes an ampersand. (i.e. P&C) If I place a condition on a trigger that is based on t...
Articulate Storyline 19 hours ago
By Becca Levan