Grouped icons fall apart when moving.

Hi everyone, 

sorry if this has been answered/resolved before but I'm unable to find a thread on it. Occasionally when moving 2 or more icons in a group (to make one icon) they morph beyond all recognition. Pressing "undo" only moves the bounding box back and doesn't effect the icons. So there is no way to recover the icons. Has anyone else experienced this diabolical bug and come up with a workaround? It happens after copying and pasting the icons into another project. Obviously that is the only way to move assets as Storyline eschews an asset library interface. The two images below show what happens when moving the groups about 15 pixels to the left. As I say there is no recovery process. 




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Matthew Bibby

Yes, I've noticed the same issue, although for me it wasn't always happening. 

I had a dozen or so images all lined up neatly on one slide. If I selected them all, I could move them around and they would stay lined up neatly. However, when I copied them to another slide and tried to move them they would get out of whack. I don't remember if I had them grouped or not...

As a temporary fix, you could try selecting all of your icons and then right-clicking and selecting Save as Picture...

This will give you one image, rather than a group of icons, but may be helpful in this case. I'd recommend keeping the actual icons off to the side of the slide incase you later need to change colours or whatever.

Walt Hamilton

Amanda, having problems with groups is well-known in SL. Less known, but (in my opinion), worse are the problems of trying to copy and paste between projects. it may not help in this situation, but importing the slide and erasing the unwanted objects is the only successful method of moving objects from one project to the next. As i say, Micheal's experience suggests that this may not work in this case, but I think it is preferable to changing them to one graphic image.

On the other hand, FWIW, if you are going to go the one graphic route, I find using a snipping tool faster than saving as a picture.

Amanda McC

I appreciate the insight. At the moment, with the various project versions I am working on, I think importing entire slides and deleting unwanted assets would be so time consuming as to defeat the object as I'm working with so many small icons. However you have given me an idea to create an "asset slide" in each project and use that to move the icons around. Thanks for the tip!

Matthew Bibby

I've noticed that the issue of items becoming misaligned when repositioning multiple objects at a time seems to be related to the 'Snap objects to grid" setting (View > Grid & Guides).

Turning this off results in images moving in a more predictable manner. Worth testing if you run into this bug. Issue logged with support, see case #01347610.


Mark DiGiacomo

So this is a 2-year-old issue and it has not been addressed by Articulate. SMH... Anyway, this may help someone: One of the issues here is that sub-grouped objects can confuse Storyline. Being that it appears to be built, more or less, on a PowerPoint framework, on-screen vector graphic manipulation is quite limited in many key respects. 

If you have objects grouped WITHIN your main group, this could exacerbate the issue outlined at the start of this thread. SL doesn't seem to understand how to manage the multiple grouping relationships, and you try moving the group or resizing it, and it goes pretty haywire. Try ungrouping everything and regroup as one group. It seems to have mostly solved the issue for me. 

Steven McAneney

Same issue for me. I tried to get around the "icons have no fill and are difficult to click" issue by combining an icon and a shape within a state, only to discover this issue with copying/moving the now two objects. Grrrrrr....I've been using Rise recently and this is the first time I've used Storyline in months. What a reward!

FYI I've tried all of the above, as well as changing monitor resolutions, zoom factors, and opening Storyline in the main and extended display to no avail. Totally agree with Mark that the graphics manipulation capability of Storyline is lacking. Please fix Articulate!

Steven McAneney

Thanks for the advice Walt, I'll try that next time. I've now given up on this Storyline interaction. I was trying to build it into Rise to make the Rise course more mobile compatible. The Storyline interaction had a zoom region in it, but when the user touched the zoomed content on their mobile screen, the slide would 'slide' across to an another part of the same slide. No doubt another known glitch with Storyline, but I've run out of patience. I'm going back to Rise, because it works....Thanks.