How to insert audio control bar

Dec 03, 2015

I have inserted an .mp3 into my project using the Insert- Audio from File tool. I need give the user the ability to drag the audio bar to rewind in case they missed something in the audio.

The feature I need would be much like a video control bar- to be able to seek to different parts of the video.

Where and how do I activate this feature in my project?

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JC Goyette

If I may, one way to do so is to create a video with only your audio file, like we see on YouTube, Vimeo and such. That way, you can import your audio as a video and check to get the control bar.

I will say that it's a weird omittion that audio files don't have control bars. What if I want my user to listen to a 5-minute interview as part of a question? I guess that I could link the interview to an external page, but still, the lack of control options for audio is odd.

There's also the idea to make your own control bar using assets, but whether you use a Wipe Left animation or a ball that travels along a line, you cannot have animation that lasts more than 59 seconds.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi JC,

This discussion is quite a bit older - but I appreciate your suggestion around using a video file to play back only audio. That's an idea I've seen recommended a few times too. 

If having the audio control bar is something that would improve your experience using Articulate you can submit a feature request here. We'd love to know more about how this would make your life easier. 

Chelsea Avirett

I'm trying to include a seekbar for my audio file in a marker. This is a feature that is included in Rise 360. I'm not sure why StoryLine 360 hasn't been updated to include this but I'm finding a lot of features that I expected Storyline to have that Rise has but that don't seem possible or straightforward in Storyline. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chelsea and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

I'm not sure I'm following along with what you are creating here, but I created a quick Peek 360 video with your Marker Audio options as well as adjustments and seekbar control as Anthony mentioned.

Just let us know if you have any further questions.