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Stefaan Leleu
Hi, I have a drag and drop interaction in which only 2 of 7 dragable items need to dropped onto a hotspot. Only the dropped items need to show either the drop correct ...
Articulate Storyline 20 minutes ago
By Stefaan Leleu
Minal Mody
Hi, I'm trying to upload an exported Rise 360 course (Scorm 1.2) to our Cornerstone LMS but it's raising a critical error as shown in the attached image. I have remove...
Rise 360 3 hours ago
By Minal Mody
Patrick Kroezen
Hi, I'm working in a course and i can't resize an centered image to small. Is there a work around for this? I just want the image to be small in the center.
Rise 360 4 hours ago
By Patrick Kroezen
Alma Suto
Hi. I recently posted question on why illustration quality drops drastically when I post it to Rise and I managed to solved it by changing the format to .svg. However,...
Rise 360 5 hours ago
By Alma Suto
Colin Lynas
I have a great custom template design that is set using the slide master and feedback master. Most of the visual elements and positions of the content in each slide ar...
Articulate Storyline 7 hours ago
By Colin Lynas
Tina Dean
Hi It seems that the characters in various poses are still not accessible in Rise, although there was a comment made in a discussion a few years ago that this was comi...
Rise 360 9 hours ago
By Tina Dean
Robert Brown
I spent a lot of time creating an e-learning template for my company. No animation and nothing fancy, just general layouts for title pages, objectives, video launch, i...
Articulate Storyline 10 hours ago
By Robert Brown
Sara  Rosen
I am new to Articulate and trying to do a quiz where there are 8 options. The correct answer is to select all 8. I would like users to pass with a 80%. I am having a h...
Articulate Storyline 13 hours ago
By Sara Rosen
Pierre Sosa
Hello everyone, Following up on a topic discussed in this Microsoft thread, I'm curious if somebody could explain the tints and shades on theme colors. The article Sto...
Articulate Storyline 14 hours ago
By Pierre Sosa
Bobby Earle O'Brien
Hello! Today, out of nowhere, the links to many of the courses we developed and are hosted on our website are giving us this error: Sorry. An unexpected error oc...
Rise 360 15 hours ago
By Bobby Earle O'Brien
Moni H
Hello, Viewing the Rise 360 course templates there are courses within the 'Real Content' category available for use. Some real content courses include actual videos th...
Rise 360 15 hours ago
By Moni H
Blanche Sharpe
Hi, How do you edit 2 audio files to make them one file? So basically, I recorded something and need to add a few words to the beginning of that previously recor...
Articulate Storyline 15 hours ago
By Blanche Sharpe
Allen Scheler
I've used the screen recording option several times with my microphone. After the slides are generated it does not generate any of the audio. What am I doi...
Articulate Storyline 16 hours ago
By Allen Scheler
Emily Fergus
We're having an problem with a multiple choice question when the learner is finished with the course and reviewing their answers. For some reason in the first question...
Articulate Storyline 17 hours ago
By Emily Fergus
Lori Bates
Working on an industrial basic math module - any suggestions for equations and fractions? Any progress on updates to include this?
Articulate Storyline 17 hours ago
By Lori Bates
Jennifer Knott
Hello! Why would a screen reader announce "clickable" for text that has color applied to it? The text is not actually linked to anything, but the screen reader says it...
Rise 360 17 hours ago
By Jennifer Knott
Wendy Williams
OK so the weirdest thing is happening. When you click Revew from the Results slide the slide has a setup that shows 'incorrect' at the bottom of the slide, this ...
Articulate Storyline 18 hours ago
By Wendy Williams
Scott Morgan
In the past I have used a javascript trigger on the last slide of a course for the user to be able to export their notes into an printable HTML page. This usually work...
Articulate Storyline 19 hours ago
By Scott Morgan
Melvin Pluijmaekers
Hi E-Learning Heroes, In the recent update of Storyline 360 the timeline changed drastically, but this change was not mentioned in the Version History or the Feature R...
Articulate Storyline 20 hours ago
By Melvin Pluijmaekers
Tarek Ben Smida
Hi fellows, everytime I upload a video tutorial in articulate rise the quality is being reduced drastically. How can one fix that. The size of the video is about 8MB s...
Rise 360 22 hours ago
By Tarek Ben Smida