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Justin Grenier
We’re improving the Articulate 360 sign-in experience and have added a new network endpoint. If your working environment doesn’t require whitelisting endpoints or you’...
Articulate Storyline 4 months ago
By Justin Grenier
Carmen Rodríguez Oltra
Hi community, first of all thanks. I need to show the student the result of a quiz without submitting the points and state (failed or passed) to the LMS untill the las...
Articulate Storyline 1 hour ago
By Carmen Rodríguez Oltra
Jemma Cooper
Hi. I'm want to right click on my web object (set to open in a new window) and 'replace picture.' But everytime I try, I get an error report? The picture is saved...
Articulate Storyline 2 hours ago
By Jemma Cooper
Aishwarya Gupta
Hello Team, I am working on a project that requires me to create internal too simulations in storyline and the project is set to a stage size of 1500*750 and with the ...
Articulate Storyline 2 hours ago
By Aishwarya Gupta
Ponvignesh K
Hi, I has create the Quiz section in rise 360, I have a scope that need to implement 20 Question and its need to randomize, But in the preview screen only th...
Rise 360 5 hours ago
By Ponvignesh K
Kris Thayer
Hi, just starting to use Markers and notice that there is no spacing between edge of Marker callouts and the text within. Is there a way to add margin spacing for them...
Articulate Storyline 11 hours ago
By Kris Thayer
Daniel Albarran
Hi, I am a Storyline user, it´s a great tool, fun and powerful, but recently I had to create some courses using Captivate (Cp). Though in balance I prefer Storyli...
Articulate Storyline 12 hours ago
By Daniel Albarran
Alex Conn
Media Library crashes Storyline 360. Happens for all files. Reinstalling Storyline does not help. Rebuilding Windows profile fixed issue temporarily. Issue comes back ...
Articulate Storyline 15 hours ago
By Alex Conn
Carol  Hennells
Currently I have an assessment exam (10 multiple choice questions) and am planning on adding a bonus question worth 10 points. We want to offer a "make-up" ...
Articulate Storyline 15 hours ago
By Carol Hennells
Jennifer Carlen
We have a client that uses only IE. They have some older Articulate Presenter files that use a quizmaker file. They are hosted as SCORM in an LMS. Th...
Articulate Quizmaker 15 hours ago
By Jennifer Carlen
Debra Peralman
Okay, so I found this 3 year old post I...
Articulate Quizmaker 16 hours ago
By Debra Peralman
Jennifer Williams
Hello! I've recently started using Storyline 3 (upgraded from 2) and noticed an odd issue. More often than not, when I import an audio file, then hover over the audio ...
Articulate Storyline 16 hours ago
By Jennifer Williams
Jack Schofield
Has anyone been having issues setting up a master slide template with custom theme colors not populating down to the Format Shape options. This has become very frustra...
Articulate Storyline 18 hours ago
By Jack Schofield
Desiree Leslie
I'm experiencing an issue with the Korean text not appearing correctly on the Resume Prompt. The prompt title appears correctly, but the body text and t...
Articulate Storyline 22 hours ago
By Desiree Leslie
Yogesh Dhingra
Hi All, I have an assessment with by default Storyline player using Exit button, User is allowed to pass the assessment in three attempts and what i want if the user w...
Articulate Storyline 2 days ago
By Yogesh Dhingra
Tamara Devereux
Hello, My client is building a "mobile only" version of a course and they would like to have a slide that asks the learner to select form multiple options (choose mult...
Articulate Storyline 4 days ago
By Tamara Devereux
Mike DiFonzo
Has anyone Published their SL360 file as Web and successfully imported it into HealthStream (HS) LMS and got it to work? We just switched over to HS and it appears the...
Articulate Storyline 5 days ago
By Mike DiFonzo
Bryan Buckley
Has anyone else tried embedding Brightcove iframes into a Rise 360 course?
Rise 360 6 days ago
By Bryan Buckley
Gerold Schmidt
Hi All what is your experience about the best story-size (in SL360) and format to integrate into rise360 as block? The SL block is interactive (drag&drop) with voi...
Rise 360 7 days ago
By Gerold Schmidt
Akash Jangra
I have seen a example of a game witch made in SL. Anyone has idea who do the do it. animation stop when object interact with table and other objects. link:- https...
Articulate Storyline 8 days ago
By Akash Jangra
Jessica Peeters
I'm a bit stuck with something at the moment and I can't find it in the posts on Articulate Heroes ... I cannot find the way to allow participants to post their f...
Articulate Storyline 9 days ago
By Jessica Peeters