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Justin Grenier
We’re improving the Articulate 360 sign-in experience and have added a new network endpoint. If your working environment doesn’t require whitelisting endpoints or you’...
Articulate Storyline 1 month ago
By Justin Grenier
Sam Carter
Storyline has a JavaScript global variable objLMS that I've have used to find the SCORM API. I've read of other Storyline methods elsewhere. I have also used this...
Articulate Storyline 41 minutes ago
By Sam Carter
Pamela Hall
Hello everyone, I'm wondering if when I set my tab orders in SL3 and then export it out to send off to our translation department from English to French, will the tab ...
Articulate Storyline 1 hour ago
By Pamela Hall
Learning & Development
Hello, As last discussion are from more than 4 years ago I'd like to ask back the question: Is there any way to put into storyline course the option for students to re...
Articulate Storyline 4 hours ago
By Learning & Development
Martin Butts
Hi, I have a problem with words in the title text of my Rise module trickling onto the next line when in the sidebar mode. I have attached a photo. Is there a wa...
Rise 360 4 hours ago
By Martin Butts
Jac Davies
I've recently updated Storyline to version 3.31.19951.0 When I select more than one object that have different animations (Entrance or Exit)...I cannot then change the...
Articulate Storyline 4 hours ago
By Jac Davies
We want to script 2 ways of results - one simple adding of customized points (from -2 - +2). And the other connects the answers with a variable (+1 if the answer is se...
Articulate Storyline 5 hours ago
By M P
Recently, I also get the same issue and I tried a lot to fix it. Only solution I find out is given as follows in few steps: 1. Do not crop or scale your image in Artic...
Articulate Storyline 7 hours ago
Kristin Fiore
Hi, I'd love some input on this. On my PC and in Storyline 360, this sounds fine -- nearly as loud as any other YouTube video. But on my phones I can barely hear it ev...
Articulate Storyline 11 hours ago
By Kristin Fiore
Patrick Ryan
Looking for community suggestions or a Storyline/SumTotal expert to contract with to resolve this issue. The SumTotal LMS admin that we are working with does not have ...
Articulate Storyline 14 hours ago
By Patrick Ryan
Robert Allen
I am trying to locate some examples of companies that use the software simulation feature of Articulate Storyline for customer education of their products (especially ...
Articulate Storyline 16 hours ago
By Robert Allen
Rachel H
I have created a simulation quiz that utilizes a variety of question types, but mainly the hotspot interactions. Within each question slide, I have created various lay...
Articulate Storyline 16 hours ago
By Rachel H
David Haynes
Hi, I have a compliance course in Rise and need to have learners sign an acknowledgment before being allowed to continue. The acknowledgment is a link to a docusign wi...
Rise 360 16 hours ago
By David Haynes
Steven Hicks
Hello all, I am having difficulty with some classes published with articulate presenter. I have the same issue with SCORM 1.2 and 2004. The report status to LMS i...
Articulate Presenter 19 hours ago
By Steven Hicks
Matthieu Roche
Bonjour, Je souhaite publier mon projet en version Review 360 ou Articulate Online. Or, ni l'une ni l'autre semblent fonctionner. J'ai essayé à plusieurs reprises mais...
Articulate Storyline 19 hours ago
By Matthieu Roche
Rod Machado
I've been having consistent problems with customers being unable to view my downloadable content on their Android tablet devices using the Articulate Mobile Player. I'...
Articulate Storyline 20 hours ago
By Rod Machado
Mary Beth Moore
I have a presentation that previews and publishes as expected. I hit the HTML version of the course and everything behaves. When I load into our LMS (PeopleSoft)...
Articulate Storyline 20 hours ago
By Mary Beth Moore
Bailey Kramp
When I dock my laptop and display storyline on regular monitors, storyline shows up fine. However, if I try to use it directly from my laptop, it doesn't show 3/4 of t...
Articulate Storyline 24 hours ago
By Bailey Kramp
Bhuvana K
I'm building a simulation (try-me) for an application using Storyline. The aspect ratio of the monitors for the end users' are 4x3 (1280x1024), where as the appli...
Articulate Storyline 24 hours ago
By Bhuvana K
Robert Stewart
Why does IE Windows 10 ask to save username and password in Web Credentials for Review 360 login page? Whenever I clear my cache the id and pass are lost and I ha...
Articulate Storyline 1 day ago
By Robert Stewart
Iffaf Khan
Hi. I would appreciate advice on the design of a drag and drop (please see attached for the content I want to quiz the user on). The idea is to remember which text box...
Articulate Storyline 1 day ago
By Iffaf Khan