Captions for an audio file in Rise?

Nov 07, 2022

I'm probably being dense an not seeing it. How do I add closed captions to an audio block in Rise? I see the (+ Add a caption), but don't see a spot to add close captions or import srt/vtt files.

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Steven Benassi

Hi Alexandra!

Thanks for checking in on this!

We are still tracking the feature request to allow closed captioning for Audio Blocks in Rise 360. I've included your voice in the feature report and will update this discussion as soon as we have news to share! If you'd like to stay up to date, please bookmark our Feature Roadmap.

Kathryn Kipling

I needed CCs on an audio block too, and figured out a workaround that may be helpful. A lot of people suggest using the accordion block, but I wanted the transcript option to be more subtle. Since you can't customize the header on accordion blocks, using that felt too large and imposing compared to the audio block it was supporting.

Instead, I placed the transcript within a marker in a labeled graphic block below the audio. I know we're kind of trading one accessibility issue for another, as screen readers won't read the image text... But it might be an acceptable stopgap until Articulate adds CCs to audio blocks!

Wilfried Sharp

Hi Joe, one option that I've done is to convert the audio file to an mp4 (I use Any Audio Converter free and lots of options)

Then add the video block and upload your srt/vtt file. The only issue is that you have a large black screen showing, like below. I tried reducing the height of the mp4 file but Rise still plays it in a large block.

blank video with captions