Feedback master seem to be a bit buggy, formatting not "sticking"

Starting with a new project, I added a simple multiple-choice question. 

Here are the steps I took:

  • Opened the Feedback Master editing screen. 
  • cut the background box from the master (I want different colored boxes for correct/incorrect)
  • pasted it into each of the children layouts and moved it to the back.
  • in the master, moved the question title text box and set to left align (successfully, the children reflected the change.
  • in the master, moved the feedback text box and set to left align (all children layouts but the Correct layout reflected the change. After three attempts, the Correct layout did too - frustrating)
  • moved the button in the master, all good.
  • closed the Feedback Master template and previewed the correct/incorrect layouts.  Mostly good, except the Correct layout's font size is a bit larger.
  • Opened the Feedback Master editing screen, and selected each of the children layouts and sure enough, the Correct layout's font looks larger there too, although the toolbar says all children's placeholder text areas are the same font family and size.
  • Instead of the dark gray font, I wanted black and in the Master layout I selected the text boxes and changed the font color.  All the children layouts reflected the change, but not the Correct layout.  I then changed the title placeholder to red and same deal.

This is where I saved the project and uploaded it here.

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Bill Dane

Here's a follow-up to my previous post.  I went through a similar process with a new project and kept it even more simple.  You'll notice in my sample upload that the "Correct" layout doesn't replicate all the settings of the Master.  BTW, this was done with the Modern master.  I also did the same things with the Classic master and all the children actually did reflect the master.  Something is wonky with the Modern layout.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Bill!

So sorry you've hit this snag! Unfortunately, it is an active bug that we've reported. Here's what it looks like on my end.

I've added your comments and files to the report, which helps our Engineers nail down why this is occurring. I'll report back when I hear of an update.

Thank you for taking the time to include the files! 

Bill Dane


First, let me say thank you for the terrific support service.  The fact that you replied with a video of what it looks like on your end is amazing.  Never seen that before.

Not sure if you saw my second attachment where the "classic" master/children work as expected, but that might help you narrow it down to the "modern" set of feedback masters.  

I look forward to hearing back about a fix for the Modern set. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi there Bill!

Thanks for the kind feedback! I'm more of a visual learner so it's nice to hear you enjoyed the screen recording. 

You're right, I noticed the "Classic" feedback masters do respond with the changes made so the issue is specifically in the "Modern" feedback masters! Thanks for clarifying this. It was something I forgot to address.

I'll keep you updated in this discussion!

Katie Riggio

Thanks for checking in, Robert!

We're still monitoring this bug so I'll let our team know that it's also affecting your projects. If there's an update, we'll keep you posted!

For now, we have this workaround: Manually change the font style and color changes in the Correct layer.

Let me know if that helps, and our Support team can also look at your .story file to explore any available tailored solutions: Connect With Our Team