The Articulate 360 desktop app makes it super easy to install, launch, and update the desktop-authoring apps included with your subscription.

Learning About the Desktop-Authoring Apps

These are the desktop-authoring apps included with your subscription. Click the product links to learn more about each app.

Storyline 360

Build mobile and online courses with any interactivity you can imagine.

Your course will look beautiful and work great on every device with the new responsive player, which includes touchscreen gesture support and mobile-friendly playback controls. The responsive player dynamically adapts to tablet and smartphone screens, providing an optimal view of your course on every device with no manual tweaking.

You can even preview how your course will look and behave on different devices from within Storyline 360 with new responsive preview features.

Studio 360

Rapidly transform PowerPoint slides into online and mobile courses with the Studio 360 apps, including:

  • Presenter 360 makes it easy to add narration, annotations, characters, and more to existing PowerPoint content.
  • Engage 360 lets you quickly create form-based interactions.
  • Quizmaker 360 is an intuitive tool for creating any type of assessment or quiz.

Studio 360 includes the new responsive player, so your Studio 360 content will look and work perfectly on every device.

Replay 360

Record and edit personalized training videos with Replay 360.

Walk learners through on-screen content by capturing screen activity and yourself on webcam—at the same time or separately. Fine-tune your screencasts to flip between video clips, or show two at once with picture-in-picture effects. Separate, trim, and delete sections to tell the best story. And add text to the lower third of the screen to emphasize important information.

Publish videos to Articulate 360 to collect feedback from stakeholders with Articulate Review or publish as MP4 videos for your e-learning courses.


Easily record brief screencasts with Peek.

Peek is always a click away in the Windows system tray. Simply select the app you want to record with one click, then drag the recording frame to customize your view.

Peek automatically uploads videos to Articulate 360 with a unique URL, making them easy to share.

Installing the Desktop-Authoring Apps

Articulate 360 gives you one-click installation for authoring apps. It’s a beautiful thing!

To install Storyline 360, Studio 360, Replay 360, and Peek, just click the Install button beside each app. Articulate 360 will automatically download and install each app without additional prompts. (You’ll see a progress bar for each app while it’s installing, then the Install button will change to an Open button when installation is complete.)

Launching the Desktop-Authoring Apps

There are two ways to quickly launch the desktop-authoring apps:

  • Open the Articulate 360 desktop app from your computer’s system tray, then click the Open button beside any app. (Tip: When you click the Open button beside Studio 360, you’ll see a menu where you can choose Presenter 360, Quizmaker 360, or Engage 360.)

  • The other option is to go to the Start menu on your Windows computer and click the app you want to launch.

Peek is always running in your computer’s system tray, so the fastest way to launch Peek is to simply click the Peek icon in your system tray.

Updating the Desktop-Authoring Apps

One of the benefits of an Articulate 360 subscription is that you get continuous updates when new features are available. If notifications are enabled in your preferences, you’ll get an instant desktop notification when an update is available. And you’ll always see when an update is available as soon as you launch the Articulate 360 desktop app.

To install an update for one of the desktop-authoring apps, simply click the Update button beside it. If updates are available for multiple apps, just click Update All. Updates will automatically download and install without any additional prompts. It couldn’t be easier!

Not ready to update your desktop-authoring apps when a new update is available? No problem. You can launch the Articulate apps from your Start menu to continue working, then update your apps later.

Uninstalling the Desktop-Authoring Apps

Uninstalling apps is just as easy as installing them. Launch the Articulate 360 desktop app, hover over an authoring app in the list, click the drop-down arrow that appears, and choose the Uninstall option.

You can also uninstall Articulate apps via the Windows Control Panel.