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Sep 11, 2015

So I've updated the font sizes in the title and feedback content of all of my feedback master slides, and made sure that my feedback layers are using those layouts, but the font size in the feedback content is not updating.

I've read many posts on this, trying changing the various text properties of the text box, etc. If I change the font size in my feedback master (correct and incorrect) and my slide/layer is using that layout, shouldn't the font size update?

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Richard Karel

Hi Mike, If I update the feedback master text to 18pt, then go to your feedback layers and cut the text, click outside the feedback text field, re-size the text field to fit the entire area, and then paste the text back into the field, it updates to 18pt. In the text properties for these text fields, check "Do not autofit" in text properties to help with this.

Mike B.


Thanks very much for that. I guess I was assuming that updates to the feedback masters were "live" like the slides masters are. I guess this is not the case, and once the quiz slide is created the feedback text box will not be auto updated by the feedback master. This is not optimal if you need to make a design change after your quizzes have already been created. Thanks for clearing this up.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Mike - I see now on yours it's behaving differently, and it seems to happen only when using "feedback by choice" as I can't replicate it on a new slide with a question that has the standard 2 feedback layers. I will share this with our QA team for additional review, and once I have information to share I'll include an update here - but in the meantime please follow Richard's workaround. 

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