Choose Your Own E-Learning Challenge Topic #129

Choose Your Own Challenge #129: Challenge | Recap

Challenge Ideas, Inspiration, and User-Submitted Topics

Where Do You Get Your Challenge Ideas? 

The biggest challenge isn’t coming up with ideas as much as it is deciding which challenge to do each week. I currently have over a year’s worth of future challenges mapped out and a Google Doc with over a hundred potential challenge ideas. 

Challenge Ideas, Inspiration, and User-Submitted Topics

There’s at least 10+ years’ worth of challenges based on core topics like instructional design, multimedia (audio, video, animation), professional development, and mobile learning

Industry E-Learning Challenges

Industry-based topics like food and beverage, workplace safety, ethics, education, and airline safety ensure we have another 10+ years of challenges in the queue. 

Finally, I pull ideas from forum discussions, user-shared freebies, blog posts, current events, and, of course, creative examples shared in the community. 

“I have an idea for a challenge. Can I suggest a weekly challenge topic?”

You sure can. I really like when users submit topic ideas because it helps me tailor the challenges around current, real-world projects. 

I haven’t built “real” courses in a several years, so I appreciate when users suggest challenge ideas based on their current projects. And user-based ideas is what this week’s challenge is all about! 

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to choose your own e-learning challenge topic and build an example for that challenge. You can choose any e-learning, instructional design, multimedia, or industry-based topic you like. 

Last Week’s Challenge: 

Before you take the challenge reins, check out the airline safety examples your fellow community members shared in last week’s e-learning challenge:

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Rise to the challenge this week, E-Learning Heroes!

New to the E-Learning Challenges?

The weekly challenges are ongoing opportunities to learn, share, and build your e-learning portfolios. You can jump into any or all of the previous challenges anytime you want. I’ll update the recap posts to include your demos.