Choose Your Own E-Learning Challenge Topic #129

Choose Your Own Challenge #129: Challenge | Recap

Challenge Ideas, Inspiration, and User-Submitted Topics

Where Do You Get Your Challenge Ideas? 

The biggest challenge isn’t coming up with ideas as much as it is deciding which challenge to do each week. I currently have over a year’s worth of future challenges mapped out and a Google Doc with over a hundred potential challenge ideas. 

Challenge Ideas, Inspiration, and User-Submitted Topics

There’s at least 10+ years’ worth of challenges based on core topics like instructional design, multimedia (audio, video, animation), professional development, and mobile learning

Industry E-Learning Challenges

Industry-based topics like food and beverage, workplace safety, ethics, education, and airline safety ensure we have another 10+ years of challenges in the queue. 

Finally, I pull ideas from forum discussions, user-shared freebies, blog posts, current events, and, of course, creative examples shared in the community. 

“I have an idea for a challenge. Can I suggest a weekly challenge topic?”

You sure can. I really like when users submit topic ideas because it helps me tailor the challenges around current, real-world projects. 

I haven’t built “real” courses in a several years, so I appreciate when users suggest challenge ideas based on their current projects. And user-based ideas is what this week’s challenge is all about! 

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to choose your own e-learning challenge topic and build an example for that challenge. You can choose any e-learning, instructional design, multimedia, or industry-based topic you like. 


There’s only one catch.... You didn’t think I’d give away total control, did you?

This week’s entry must be original. You can’t reuse an example you shared in a previous challenge. 

But you’re welcome to do a variation on a previous challenge. For example, if you want to share a Tabs Challenge #3, your challenge could be something more specific, like a Vertical Tabs, or Image-Based Tabs. Then you could modify something you shared in a previous challenge.

When you post your entry, please tell us your challenge topic by introducing your entry with, “This week, your challenge is to ...”. This will help others know what to look for when viewing your example.

Last Week’s Challenge: 

Before you take the challenge reins, check out the airline safety examples your fellow community members shared in last week’s e-learning challenge:

Preflight Safety Demonstrations #128

Airline Safety Training #128: Challenge | Recap 

Rise to the challenge this week, E-Learning Heroes!

New to the E-Learning Challenges?

The weekly challenges are ongoing opportunities to learn, share, and build your e-learning portfolios. You can jump into any or all of the previous challenges anytime you want. I’ll update the recap posts to include your demos.

Terry Springer
Adriana Bertolani

Hi Community: this is the first time we participate in the ELC. And by we I mean Actua Solutions. We are very happy that this week we could choose our own challenge since we had to face a fun test recently and we wanted to share it. We have decided to call our challenge “What happens when a person that doesn’t know how to use Storyline gives you ideas for games in Storyline?” It all started with this question: “Can you do a Letter to Santa to teach Russian?” and we said “Yes we can!” The original file was in Spanish with the selected words in Russian and they had to introduce the Spanish word. We translated it to English so most of the community could try it too. Please let us know your thoughts or your suggestion for our challenge name. Here's the demo: https://dl.dropboxusercon... Expand

Colleen Manning
Wade Murphy
Daniel Adeboye

Great great entries so far . . . I've enjoyed going through each one and seeing what happens when David allows designers to pick their own challenge, thanks David! Challenge Industry wise, my challenge was to design a mini-course for new research students on choosing an appropriate research topic (higher education). Technically speaking, the challenge was to use Tom's recent media gallery app-like tab style (only I didn't use media, just text). Result: Design. Since I'm new to storyline, I tried quite a number of new things like the scrolling panel and the text data entry. This led me to using variables and variable references (for the first time), which I liked so much. Thank to all the tutorials on the site! Questions: 1. When I preview, I... Expand

Kevin Parker
Lesley Bart
Ben Hall

My challenge is to create a branching scenario game. I've created an experimental Storyline project where the player gets to create their own video game company and hire a development team. The game that you ultimately create will change depending on the development team members that you choose, so choose wisely and play with different combinations to get different outcomes! Note: If you're having trouble playing the game at the end, make sure to click the game window first before using the arrow keys on your computer. Here's a link to my Storyline project—it's called Indie Game Story: I hope you enjoy the narrative, choosing your team, and playing the game(s) at the end! Stick around at t... Expand

Ben Hall
Veronica Budnikas
Veronica Budnikas
Nick Petch