23 E-Learning Challenge Examples from Course Designers #437

E-Learning Challenge Examples RECAP #437: Challenge | Recap

This week's challenge asked course designers to choose their own e-learning challenge topics. Examples include escape room games, memory games, sliders and dials, and more!

Jonathan Hill: Repair a Broken Demo from 2019

Jonathan Hill

Example | Jonathan Hill | Website | @DevByPowerPoint

Ashi (Neha) Tandon: Create an Example Inspired by Paul Alder's Dark Room Interaction

Ashi (Neha) Tandon

Example | Ashi (Neha) Tandon | Website | @ashi_tandon

Jonathan Hill: Create a Character-Based Slider

Jonathan Hill

Example | Jonathan Hill | Website | @DevByPowerPoint

Jodi M. Sansone: Koi Fish Chronicles

Jodi M. Sansone

Example | Jodi M. Sansone | Website | @jodimsansone

Mark Hopper: Track Screen Coordinates for the Cursor and Touch Points to Assign Custom Variables

Mark Hopper

Example | Mark Hopper

Jayashree Ravi: Create an E-Learning Experience Inspired by Netflix

Jayashree Ravi

Example | Jayashree Ravi

Chris Etling: Escape Room

Chris Etling

Example | Learn more | Chris Etling | Website | @chris_etling

Sarah Scott: Hidden-Objects Game with Timer

Sarah Scott

Example | Sarah Scott

Yvonne Leklou: Create a New Portfolio Example

Yvonne Leklou

Example | Yvonne Leklou

Bonne Nagle: Drag-and-Drop Multiple Choice Question

Bonne Nagle

Example | Bonne Nagle | Website

Andreas Fischer: Spot the Difference Games

Andreas Fischer

Example | Andreas Fischer

Rachel Chan: Using Custom Markers and States

Rachel Chan

Example | Rachel Chan

Katrin Maschke: Interactive FAQ /Q&A

Katrin Maschke

Example | Katrin Maschke

Véronique Hamel: Landscape 360° Tour

Véronique Hamel

Example | Véronique Hamel | Website

Thaddaeus Smith: Using Dials to Control an Animation

Thaddaeus Smith

Example | Thaddaeus Smith

Samuel Apata: Escape the Maze Game

Samuel Apata

Example | Example 2 | Example 3 | Samuel Apata | Website | @afrostem

Jacquelyn Calder: Syncing Music with Animated Christmas Lights

Jacquelyn Calder

Example | Jacquelyn Calder

Jeffrey Riley: Onboarding Escape Game

Jeffrey Riley

Example | Jeffrey Riley | Website

eLearn Dev: Integrating Closed Caption Text

eLearn Dev

Example | Learn more | eLearn Dev

Kate Golomshtok: Halloween Memory Game

Kate Golomshtok

Example | Kate Golomshtok | Website

Allison Goldthorpe: Complex Drag and Drop with an Intuitive Ui

Allison Goldthorpe

Example | Learn more | Allison Goldthorpe | Website | @AGoldthorpeID

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