No matter what stage of their career, managers need practical skills training to reach their full potential and help their teams do the same. 

These community-created examples cover a range of leadership topics to help managers with their development. So whether you need to train managers on the essentials, help seasoned team leads fine-tune their people skills, or create opportunities for managers to test their abilities in a simulated environment, we’ve got you covered. Explore  some of our favorites below! 

Storyline: What’s Your Leadership Style?

4 options on how to best motivate people. 1 Making them feel part of something larger. 2 Teaching them new skills. 3 Paying them more. 4 Challenging them.

Help learners discover their leadership styles by answering thought-provoking questions in this illustrated project by Jackie Van Nice.

Rise 360: New Manager’s Toolkit

Screenshot of Rise 360 course about the new manager

Share the advice and resources learners need for leading their first team with this project by Trina Rimmer.

Storyline 360: How to Become a Good Leader

Screenshot of course on how to become a good leader.

Customize this illustrated template by Andrzej Jabłoński with your own content for a creative and interactive leadership course in no time at all.

Storyline: Employee Conversation Branching Scenario

Screenshot of course with coworkers. Joe is observing Gina running 23 minutes late.

Managers can practice navigating difficult conversations with employees using a role-playing exercise, like in this course by Eva Daniels.

Rise 360: A Collection of TED Talks About Leadership

Screenshot of course about the top TED talks in leadership. Example of "What it takes to be a great leader" by Roselinde Torres.

Learn how to embed existing content from the web—such as inspirational videos—to create a soft skills training course for people leaders, like in this course by Trina Rimmer.

Storyline 360: Team Manager Problem Scenarios

Screenshot of course showing Robert having problems delegating tasks to his team members.

Let learners explore common management challenges with the click-and-reveal interactions in this course by Karlis Sprogis.

Rise 360: Leadership Skills Sketchnote Interaction

Screenshot of course on Introduction to Leadership Programming.

This example by Samuel Apata shows how you can creatively introduce management skills using sketchnotes—the combination of photos, illustrations, and handwriting—with the help of Rise 360’s labeled graphic block.

Storyline: The Leadership Challenge

Screenshot of course showing a self reflection question. It says "Write at least 3 goals to apply these concepts to your leadership role in the next 30, 60, and 90 days.

This template by Amelia Altstadt combines video, interactive elements, and self-reflection questions to bring the spirit of adventure to manager training.


Thanks to these examples, you can find exactly what you need for your next leadership training project—whether it’s a template you can customize for your needs or an immersive scenario that lets learners practice their skills. 

For even more inspiration, check out our weekly challenges, downloads, and examples. Or try using a prebuilt Rise 360 course template—there are tons available on the topic of leadership!

What are your favorite methods for training people leaders? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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