More and more organizations today understand the true value of diversity. Not only is creating a diverse and equitable workplace the right thing to do, but research shows that companies that demonstrate an authentic commitment to these values tend to be more successful. 

As a learning and development professional, you can contribute to your organization’s diversity efforts by facilitating meaningful educational opportunities for employees. 

February is officially recognized as Black History Month in the United States. That makes it a perfect time to share a course that honors the courage and sacrifices of Black Americans throughout history while celebrating the groups and individuals who have made America what it is today with your learners. 

Don’t have time to research and create a course on this topic? No worries! Simply grab this professionally designed course and roll it out as is completely free of charge. Or, if you’re an Articulate 360 subscriber or trialer, just choose the course from our Rise 360 real content templates. Then you can adapt it to fit your organization’s needs and brand guidelines before you share it with learners. Here’s more about what you can expect.  

What’s in the Course?

  • A discussion of language use. In this section, learners will grasp why certain language use is objectionable or outdated, while discovering alternative words and phrases that are more inclusive. They’ll also learn why and how to be more accepting of language use that differs from their own. 
  • A history of Black activism. Learners will follow the history of Black activism in the United States from the very beginning, tracing its evolution from abolition, to the civil rights movement, to Black Lives Matter.
  • A celebration of Black excellence. In every facet of American life—from STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), to politics, the arts, and more—Black Americans have led the way. In this course, learners will celebrate the pioneers and towering figures who have shaped and defined America, while also discovering some of the lesser-known groups and individuals who have been no less impactful.   

Any study of Black history in America presents an enormous but worthwhile challenge. The groups, individuals, and key moments covered in this course represent just a small segment of a rich historical tapestry. It’s impossible to cover everything, but in that reality lies a unique opportunity. If you’re already an Articulate 360 subscriber—or if you sign up for a free trial—you have the option to customize this course to fit your organization’s unique learning and development needs. 

Reinforce your organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by sharing this one-of-kind educational content you can easily tailor to speak more directly to your employees. 

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