Using Dials and Knobs in E-Learning #151

Using Dials in E-Learning #151: Challenge | Recap

One of my favorite features in Storyline 360 is the new dials interaction. Not only are the prebuilt dials super easy to customize, any object, graphic, or image can be converted to a custom dial in a single click. 

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share an example that demonstrates how interactive dials and knobs can be used in e-learning.

NOTE: Your entry can be anything from a rough concept to a polished example. The challenges are open to everyone, regardless of experience or skill level. If you need technical or creative help with your project, please ask in our forums and reference the challenge number you’re working on.


Community Examples of Dials Interactions



Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you dial into this week’s challenge, check out the countdown timers your fellow community members shared over the past week:

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Hoping your week goes to 11, E-Learning Heroes!

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***NOTE: Please don’t use Dropbox to host your projects. Dropbox recently announced that they’re no longer going to support HTML projects.

You can use our Dropbox file request link to send me your zipped output: Please include your first and last name and challenge number in the file name:

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Godwin Vinny Carole
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