Scenarios are a great way to bring training materials to life: they add personality and engagement to your courses. Topics that are traditionally hard to train on, such as soft skills, are the perfect type of material for scenarios. The great news is that you can create beautiful branching scenarios more quickly and easily than ever with the Rise 360 scenario block!

Adding a scenario block to your course is easy. Pop into any existing lesson and expand the All Blocks library where, under the interactive blocks, you’ll find the scenario block. Insert the scenario block into your lesson and click Edit to start building out your scenario. You can then select your character and add dialogue and feedback text.

Here are a few ideas for the type of content you can bring to life with scenarios.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are things like communication skills and problem-solving abilities; these types of skills are notoriously hard to train on because they are nuanced and undefined. Scenarios are a great way to train for real-life situations that require soft skills, such as face-to-face conversations, through the use of the characters and dialogue.

Practice your interviewing skills in this scenario.

Customer Service Training

Customer service training is critical to ensuring your customers get a consistent level of service. Let your learners practice customer interactions in a safe way by turning them into Rise 360 scenarios. Use the characters’ facial expressions and written feedback to let learners know how they’re doing and whether their customer service skills are up to par.

Sales Conversations

Sales conversations can be difficult, but practicing them has never been easier thanks to the Rise 360 scenario block. Use the characters to bring sales conversations to life and practice using selling techniques without any pressure or risk.

Have a sales conversation in this scenario.

These ideas and examples show you how easy it is to bring your training materials to life with the scenario block. We hope you love this new, interactive feature. Let us know how you use scenarios in the comments below!

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Nicole Legault