Screenshots of three new Rise 360 theme designs

Rise 360 has always been the go-to app when you need to quickly create beautiful, responsive e-learning—regardless of your prior training experience. And while you’ve always been able to brand your courses, now you’ve got even more creative control with Rise 360 themes. With stunning prebuilt themes and countless options for personalization, it’s never been easier to create unique, cohesive learning experiences. Let’s see all the exciting new options you now have available right at your fingertips.  

Apply Stylish Themes Created by Award-Winning Designers

There’s a brand-new—yet familiar— experience for customizing the overall look of your Rise 360 courses. Under the new Theme menu, you can choose from a variety of prebuilt themes and apply your choice to your entire course with the click of a button. Within each theme, you have loads of new styling options you can use to:

  • give your new and existing Rise 360 courses a fresh and exciting look for your learners
  • create differentiated, uniquely branded learning experiences for varied groups of learners

Ready to be wowed by the new options? Check out the theme previews below. 

  • Rise: Our original theme—modern, clean, tried-and-true. 
  • Apex: Bold, contemporary, and striking with angular finishes. 
  • Horizon: Elegant, sharp, and stylish with understated flourishes. 

Create More Branded Learning with Endless Customization Options

If the new prebuilt themes have you excited, just wait until you see how many options you now have for customizing theme elements. Rise 360 now offers more ways than ever to create cohesive, professional-looking learning experiences with options for cover page layouts, navigation, lesson headers, buttons, font pairings, and more. With Rise 360 themes, it’s never been easier to create learning that aligns with your brand standards—even if you aren’t a graphic design pro.

Get Started

Ready to start playing around with these themes? Simply head to your Rise 360 dashboard, create a new course—or use an existing one!—and click on the Theme tab to find a whole new world of customization options. It’s that easy! 

Don’t have Rise 360? Start your free 30-day trial of Articulate 360 now. 

For tips and inspiration on how you can start using themes in your e-learning, check out these helpful resources: 

And be sure to keep an eye on the Articulate 360 feature roadmap and the What’s New page, so you’re the first to hear about all the cool new things we’re working on.

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