Reporters can be assigned access to specific user and group reports for your organization. Add reporters from the Manage Reach 360 tab on the Articulate 360 Teams dashboard.  

Add New Reporters

To add a new Reach 360 user or modify the role for an existing Reach 360 admin, select Reporter from the drop-down menu. Then, click Assign Managed Groups and select the groups you want the reporter to be able to access in Report View. If you don’t want to limit the reporter’s access to selected groups, choose Everyone. Click Save to complete the assignment. 

Unless they’ve been assigned to the Everyone group, reporters see only the reports for their assigned groups and the users included in those groups. 

Modify Reporter Assignments

In Reach 360, admins can see the groups a reporter is assigned to and the reports they can access by selecting their name in the user list. Click the edit icon in the Reports row to make changes. You can also modify a reporter's assigned groups from the Articulate 360 Teams dashboard. 

Delete Reporters

You can remove a reporter or change their role to Reach 360 admin only from your Articulate 360 Teams dashboard.

If you delete a reporter, they're removed from your Articulate 360 Teams account and no longer have access to Reach 360. Inviting them as a learner won't restore their reporter permissions but as long as you use the same email address, they can continue where they left off with their assigned training.