Common E-Learning Interactions: Tab Menu Navigation (2018) #199

Tabs Interactions in E-Learning #199: Challenge | Recap

Tabs interactions are a great way to chunk content into meaningful sections—or tabs—so learners can remain focused in the moment without jumping out to new slides. They’re also one of the most common e-learning interactions!

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share a fresh example that demonstrates how tabs interactions are used in e-learning.

New Entries Only!

We hosted the first tabs challenge five years ago. Since then, hundreds of tabs-style examples and downloads have been shared. Because tabs are so common, we’re asking that you only share new examples in this week’s challenge. 

Share Your Source Files!

It’s no secret community members love freebies! It’s also no secret that the challenges are one of the most visible ways course designers get their work in front of the community. If you’re up for it, please consider including a download along with your example this week.

Share Your E-Learning Work

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Wishing you a fan-tabstic week, E-Learning Heroes!

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Chris Undery

Not sure if you would call this a tab interaction or a menu but it was a proof of concept I did for work that was intended as a point of need resource for regional staff to access relevant product content as quick as possible to. Never tried to contribute to a challenge (bit late on this one but better late than never). Would have been happy to share the source file but can't seem to do via comments. How would people normally do this? As I work for an in-house L&PD function who like to keep everything inside the firewall I've never managed to share a working link before so I removed any company references and then, following a post from a fellow community member, signed up for and used ... Expand

Instructional  Designer
Sharon Gan