Using FAQ Interactions in E-Learning #207

FAQ Interactions in E-Learning #207: Challenge | Recap

One of the most common pages you'll find on a business website is the ubiquitous FAQ "frequently asked question" page. That’s because FAQs are an easy way for companies to address the most-asked questions and information needs of their users.

In course design, FAQ interactions can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Anticipating learner’s questions
  • Answering commonly asked questions related to the course or specific topics
  • Assisting learners navigate the course player, find resources, and support contacts
  • Review subject matter in a question-and-answer format
  • Addressing misconceptions learners might have about a topic

While FAQ pages (or slides) aren’t as commonly used in e-learning, I have a feeling we’ll all see more of them after this week’s challenge!

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share an example that demonstrates how FAQ interactions can be used in e-learning.

Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you answer your commonly asked questions, check out the pre-test activities your fellow community members shared in last week’s challenge:

Pre-Test Assessments in E-Learning

Pre-Test Assessments in E-Learning #206: Challenge | Recap

Wishing you a great week, E-Learning Heroes!

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