Using Interactive Sliders in E-Learning 2018 #205

Using Sliders in E-Learning #205: ChallengeRecap

E-learning developers use sliders to create some really cool learning experiences, from self-assessment tools to interactive games. Interactive sliders are a fantastic way to let learners explore and control a wide range of options and on-slide objects. Common use cases include:

  • Exploring cause-and-effect relationships
  • Manipulating data and numeric values
  • Controlling objects such as characters, images, and graphics

With so many possibilities, it can be tricky to picture the very best way to apply these interactions in your own courses. And that’s what this week’s e-learning challenge is all about!

Slider Starter Kit

Here's a free slider pack that features five different designs using Storyline's built-in theme colors.

Slider Starter Kit

View the project | Download the source

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share a new slider interaction. If you’re brand new to Storyline, try reworking one of the slider templates in the downloads section. For those of you with some slider experience, try sharing something more complex like combining sliders to create the parallax effect.

New Entries Only!

For this week’s challenge, we’re asking you only share new examples. You're welcome to rework an earlier example or come up with something entirely different.

Articles to Get You Started

Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you slide into this week’s challenge, take a peek at the comic book course starters your fellow community members shared over the past week:

E-Learning Comic Book Templates and Course Starter Kits

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Wishing you a great week, E-Learning Heroes!

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