Using Learning Journals in E-Learning #344

Learning Journals in E-Learning  #344: Challenge | Recap

Encourage Learners to Reflect on What They Just Learned

Keeping learners focused and engaged can be a real challenge.

For many learners, the e-learning course is just another workplace hurdle they need to overcome before they can focus on their “real work.”

What are some ways course designers can keep learners focused and engaged without overcomplicating the development process?

One way to engage your learners is by inviting them to reflect on what they just learned. Rather than building custom practice activities for every module, try asking your learners an open-ended question that connects the content to real-world activities.

Example of Learning Journals in E-Learning

Here's a learning journal from Tracy Carroll. The journal is available throughout the course and features text entry fields to capture learners' thoughts for each section. There's even a print option that lets learners print their responses.

Example of Learning Journals in E-Learning

View the example | Learn more

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share an example that shows how learning journals and note-taking can be used in e-learning courses.

You don’t have to build out a fully working example.

Your goal for this challenge is to show different ways learners can reflect on their material and collect the info for later use.

Last Week’s Challenge:

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Jodi M. Sansone
Tracy Carroll
Ce Edge
Design Wagon
Jodie Gayle
David Crocker

This is a timely challenge. New WHS training for our managers required that they develop a WHS Action Plan as they progressed through the course. The initial idea was to have them write it as a separate document as they go. When developing the course I thought it would be a good idea if I could integrate the plan into the training. This is the result. (This is only the intro slide) There is Javascript to pull the participants name from the LMS and get the date to add to the printout. The only thing I could not do was insert a paragraph break when the the Enter key was pressed, hence the New paragraph button. It looks right in the course but when I gather the info to print with Javascript it ignores the breaks (I didn't want to just print a picture of the slide).Any thoughts on this will be... Expand

Ange CM

Nice idea, I like that you can explore, return and keep adding. That lack of automatic paragraph break with enter is a pain. Maybe I am not understanding - "but when I gather to print the javascript ignores the breaks" : I see all the paragraph breaks when printed as pdf. btw: There are some js experts on here who have been very generous with their advice in the forums, you may find something helpful there. fyi:This is a catch-all 6 different ways to generate a certificate: I would love to find an answer to that paragraph dilemma I have tried many ways to do it, but so far - no joy. I did learn that I can use Dreamweaver to design a certificate and then adjust it for j... Expand

David Crocker

I have solved this for now using this Javascript triggered to start at timeline of the slide: document.querySelector('.acc-textinput').addEventListener('keyup', () => { if (event.key === 'Enter') { document.querySelector('.acc-textinput').blur(); var player=GetPlayer(); var _journal=player.GetVar("journal"); player.SetVar("journal",_journal + ""+ "\n" + "\n"); document.querySelector('.acc-textinput').focus(); }}); It's looking for the Enter key being pressed in the .acc-textinput CSS selector i.e. the text entry box. When the Enter key is pressed it blurs (unfocuses) the text box hence updating the text input variable, in this case journal. It grabs the variable adds the break characters, moves the cursor down and refocuses the box. The input can t... Expand

Ange CM
Fabian Koeninger

Hey Thierry! Happy you like it. It was the first time for me that I used the printjs function and there is still a lot of room for improvement. I'm also working on my website, once this is done I was also planning to share a more in-depth blog post, but for now I'll try to explain my approach here. I first created a template for my pdf with the help of this site ( and copied the html code. Inside storyline I added a trigger to my download button with the following functions: var player = GetPlayer(); var achievements = player.GetVar("celebrateAchievements"); var space = player.GetVar("createSpace"); Those are the variables from the input fields. Next I added the function to print the pdf: printJS({ printable: 'Paste the htm... Expand