Audio Narration Not Playing in Articulate Presenter Output When Uploaded as SCORM Package

May 08, 2018

When I upload my Articulate Presenter projects that have been exported as SCORM 2004 or Tin Can API to Blackboard, the audio narration does not play.

If I go into the package locally on my computer and launch the player, the audio plays just fine.

If I upload an export that has been formatted for the web (HTML5) to the content collection in Blackboard and create a web link in a Blackboard module or folder, the audio plays fine.

It seems that something is breaking when an Articulate SCORM or Tin Can API package is used in Blackboard.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get SCORM Articulate projects with voice narration (recorded using the Articulate Presenter add-on in PowerPoint) to play properly?

Export files attached in .zip archive.


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Carl Rosenfield


Well, that's a great question.

I was using Chrome and just now tried Firefox. Lo and behold, the files output from Articulate Presenter for CMS in Tin Can API format and uploaded to Blackboard as SCORM packages DO play the audio narration when using Firefox.

The SCORM 2004-formatted package still does not play the audio narration in Blackboard in either Firefox or Chrome, but at least we have a combination that does work as a SCORM upload.



Carl Rosenfield

Thanks again, Brian!

Fortunately, I hadn't made it to the point where I had actually published the "final" content.

Just to bring some happy closure to this thread, updating Articulate 360 to the most recent version seems to have resolved this issue completely.

Files exported from the Articulate Presenter add-on to PowerPoint in "Tin Can API" format and uploaded to Blackboard as a SCORM package after the update will now play audio narration using both Firefox and Chrome.

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We've seen this issue a few times in our Presenter Scorm 2004 outputs. The thing that worked for us was to create or edit metadata for title on the Audio imported and then it works on the output as well. Editing metadata in bulk is very simple from Windows Manager. Select All audio, right click, Properties, Details and add simple metadata. Apply and reimport all audio into project then observe result.