Can I shrink the sidebar to make my movie fit better?

I soooooo appreciate all the help I've gotten here so far! Here's my latest question:  I'm adding a custom SWF file to my Articulate presentation. Unfortunately its width is about 60 pixels too wide for Presenter so it doesn't look quite the way I want when I publish. How do I make the sidebar narrower? I want to show my whole movie without manually reducing the size of the placeholder. Because when I resize it like that it doesn't look as good.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Babette - yeah, there isn't currently an option to make the sidebar narrower, but Chris has a good idea about using No Sidebar view. In fact it's funny you should ask about this because I just blogged a tip about this today! You can insert a movie up to 980x560 on your slide if you use No Sidebar view, and it won't get scaled down. Here's the post if you're interested in checking it out.