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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Tom, the default is "by user" unless you are importing slides from PowerPoint then it is "auto"

There is no way to change the default but you can do a global change by selecting all the slides in Story view and then changing the slide property settings in the panel on the bottom right.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

By default, slides in Presenter courses advance automatically upon completion, but you can change it so learners control when slides advance. But you can change this within the slide properties, as shown here. To change the advance behavior for all slides in your course, press Ctrl+A to select all the slides, then click the Advancehyperlink in the Properties panel on the right side of the window.

David Murphy

I think the heart of the issue is to have global settings so that we can make our own choice about all Presenter defaults, instead of having the software impose a default on us; that's pretty much a standard feature for modern software. Not having this ability is extremely annoying to those of us who process hundreds of courses.

David Murphy

It should be a global setting for anything involving Articulate and slides. Every time I add a slide (from PowerPoint) I have to go back and change the setting to user advance or I'll have an auto advance when I publish in Presenter; that's kind of a pain. 

And this issue goes back seven years. Would it be that difficult to make a place for global settings?

Lauren Connelly

Hello David!

I appreciate your comments and can see where it would be beneficial to select your own default settings. I'd like to share this in detail with my team, so I might need a few additional details from you to relay exactly what you're looking for.

It sounds like you're specifically looking to designate the default settings in Presenter, which mainly includes how the slide advances. Are there additional settings that I can include?

David Murphy

Good morning!

Yes, there are a number of parameters that I frequently have to check before I publish in Presenter--in QuizMaker as well.

I would be great if I could set them once, and then forget about them.

Having just returned from a few days off, I'm a bit strapped for time, but I could eventually make a list; that said, having global default settings for virtually all the options available just makes sense. I rely on the Preferences area for every piece of software that I use (it's one of the first feature sets that I get to know), and I don't think that I'm alone in this.


David Murphy

By the way, here's another example of what we have to contend with (more text below)-this just came in, but it's not a new issue:

I have this in my checklist, but apparently my colleague did not:

*** Is quiz set to NOT scroll down? - (Inside quiz) Player > Features [ ] Require user to scroll to bottom on longer questions UNCHECKED!!

That probably means that we'll have to reprocess that course through PS ELM, which is a royal pain. That setting in Quizmaker should be a global default that we can uncheck, so that this never happens again. Instead, we need to uncheck the box with each and every course-hundreds of them! That makes no sense to me.

Have a good evening!


David Murphy

This is an example that just popped up (again, it's been around for ages) last week. In this instance, it's from QuizMaker, but again, we need a Global Preferences GUI for all of Articulate. The solution is as follows:

(Inside quiz) Player > Features [ ] Require user to scroll to bottom on longer questions UNCHECKED!!

Attached is a screenshot that a user took of what they were experiencing. I recognized it immediately.

David Murphy

Hi Kris.

The easiest way that I am aware of is to go to Articulate > Slide Properties, and then select all and choose the option for the user to advance the slides, which will then be applied to them all; this is part of my routine. Personally, I think it should be the default OR we should be able to define it as the global default preferences, which of course doesn't seem to exist in Articulate.