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Oct 05, 2014


Since having Articulate installed my default publishing folder has always been to my local drive C:/Users/Tanya/Documents/My Articulate Projects. 

Over the weekend, we've had an IT policy rolled out so that anything saved to My Documents automatically saves to a network drive rather than a local drive.  This has changed my default publishing folder location to save to  the network there any way that I can change this default location back to my C:/?    I know that I can manually change the location, but it would be great if I could have this location permanently set so that I know I am avoiding any potential publishing issues in the future.

Can anybody assist with this?



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Emily Ruby

Hello Tanya!

When you hit the publish button, the default folder will go to the C drive, documents, my articulate projects by design.

 In the Folder field you will have to indicate where on your computer you want Presenter to create your published output. Click the ellipsis button (...) to browse to a specific location. Presenter will create a new folder in that spot with all the files needed to play your presentation.

Tanya M

Hi Emily,

Thanks for your reply.  In the past, what you have described is exactly what my publishing has done, it has defaulted to the C drive.  The new IT policy overrides that and now pushes it to a private network folder.

What I want to do is avoid having to use the ellipsis button (and navigate to my C drive) every time I want to publish, and instead change the properties of the default publishing folder. 



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tanya,

It sounds like you're saying that there is a new policy in place that has determined your default settings in regards to publishing location and behavior? I don't believe there is a way to change that default behavior from within Studio. 

Have you reached out to your IT team to see if they had any suggestions? 

Ben Boozer


I work for a law firm and we have folder redirection in place which puts the My Documents folder in a network location. This causes all kinds of problems with Articulate software. We really need a way to change the default save location. It's problematic having to do it manually at every save.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gregory,

We recommend publishing and saving to a local drive to prevent latency issues associated with network drives as described here. When you install Storyline, you should see the "My Articulate Projects" folder installed as a part of the "My Documents" section of your system. 

Ben shared his thoughts in the form of a feature request, based on our current recommendations to work locally. I know a number of folks in the forums have shared that it does work for them to save or publish to something other than the C drive, but based on the issues mentioned it could cause odd or problematic behavior in your files. 

Doug Thom

Ben is entirely correct. We should be able to save to whatever default drive/folder we choose in preferences like every other program on the market. It is a pain to have to reset to my desired 'save to' folder every time that I publish a Presenter 13 file. I understand that you do not want them to go to network or flash drive locations, but there are lots of other locations/drives that function perfectly well other than C:/My Articulate Projects

Jane Lomas

I'm having a problem at the moment. Storyline 2 is installed on my work laptop.  The software is stored on the C drive, but the IT policy at work re-directs the working directory to a network drive:  (h:\Documents\My Articulate Projects)

When I'm at not on my work network I can't access this folder. When I try to launch Storyline 2 I get an error saying it has "stopped working" and won't launch.

Does Storyline check for a working folder on launch? Is there anyway around this or is it a different issue entirely.

matt thorne

I've got the same issue here "C:\users\<my name>\Documents\MyArticulateProjects" doesn't really exist. Ours are redirected to a network location.

it seems to me in reading through this thread that Articulate doesn't truly understand WHY people are making this request.

1. We understand, your recommendation is to work off of a local directory. We don't always like it, but we get it.

2. We need YOU to understand that we don't have the option of saving to our local "my documents" folder...because it has been, at the Operating System level by our network administrators, redirected so that it lives on the network.

3. Articulate forces us to use a predetermined default location that now points to a location that, if we have a problem with a file, you will say its because it is in an unsupported network location...(back to #1)


4. We need an option to be able to set the default "Save to" location from within the product so that we CAN save to a local directory without a bunch of repetitive steps every single time we create a new project.

I get that you recommend that we save locally, but in this case our inability to use the mandated default location should outweigh your desire to force us to, so we should be given the option...even if that means more support calls for you.

Just my $.02

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt,

Thanks for that feedback. I know this has been an ongoing discussion about working on local project files, and why that's important. 

From my understanding, there are a number of reasons why working from a network drive can cause file corruption, namely...

  • Latency: This means that the network drive is constantly syncing in the background, and this can cause unwanted problems if you open a file saved to the network.
  • Long file paths: W:\My Documents\Articulate\MyStory.story actually means \\MYDOMAIN\MYSERVER\MYSTAFF\MYDRIVE\MYPROFILE\My Projects\Today's Project\Long Project Name.story (and often much worse).  Long path names are really difficult for most applications to deal with, and while open, Articulate projects themselves are made up of many nested levels of organized content.

Also, if a file is opened by several people on the network, or if the network connection crashes, file corruption can occur. 

It's for these reasons that we, along with Flash and Captivate, have discouraged working from a network drive for quite a long time.

Michelle D


I would like to follow up with this specifically because of Articulate's recommendations on naming conventions. I have had issues with long file paths specifically because of the default, and have begun storing all of my .story files at

instead of

C:\Users\Work\Documents\My Articulate Projects\

To add even more to this though, the folder that you create for us is "My Articulate Projects", after stressing in numerous places to NOT use any spaces in either the file name or filepath, it seems crazy that the default does exactly that.

I am also submitting this as a feature request, but am not optimistic for a change, as there are multiple forum posts and several people have stated that they have requested this already, going back multiple years ago. 


Katie Riggio

Hi, Chrisie. Welcome, and thanks for checking in!

Just to be sure, are you looking to change the default C:/Users/YourName/Documents/My Articulate Projects location in Storyline? If so, here's a quick Peek recording on how to modify it along with some pointers.

Does that help? Let me know if you meant something else! 🙂