Default Folder to Publish To

Oct 05, 2014


Since having Articulate installed my default publishing folder has always been to my local drive C:/Users/Tanya/Documents/My Articulate Projects. 

Over the weekend, we've had an IT policy rolled out so that anything saved to My Documents automatically saves to a network drive rather than a local drive.  This has changed my default publishing folder location to save to  the network there any way that I can change this default location back to my C:/?    I know that I can manually change the location, but it would be great if I could have this location permanently set so that I know I am avoiding any potential publishing issues in the future.

Can anybody assist with this?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kevin,

Changing that element is specific to a Storyline file, not Storyline as an entire application. We also always recommend publishing to a local drive, so that's the default set in Storyline as a whole. Our best practices on editing, sharing and publishing files locally is described here.

Daniel Chodos
Melanie Sobie

I have for years saved my story file to C:\Projects and publish to C:\Publish. Just create each of these folders on your C:drive. And of purse at least once or twice a day I copy the story file to our network folder as a backup while I’m in development. 

I, too, have been publishing to "C:\Publish" on my computer for years, to avoid issues with long path names and to not have all the gigabyes of published training files backed up to my company's servers. 

Previous versions of Studio would remember the last folder published to as a global setting, and this was wonderful.  It was a boon to streamlining workflow.  With the current version of Storyline I have to manually set each project to the publish folder I want to use. 

It is very clear that Articulate does not seem care about this feature request as it has been requested for many years.  I think everybody posting to this and many other forum threads fully understand what Articulate wants us to do regarding local folders and why, and everyone posting about this has already submitted a feature request to be able to change the global default publish folder. It feels like the needs of the user community just doesn't matter.  Why have a feature request at all?

Unfortunately the staff responding in the forums either (a) doesn't understand what is being requested, or (b) doesn't want to answer the question.  I feel like we are all spinning our wheels with this one.