Presenter 360

Mar 28, 2023


I'm currently working on a PowerPoint for my finance group. They want to narrate some slides, but also add video from three of the leaders before the PowerPoint kicks off and narration starts. I have 3 videos ready to go, however, can you make them continuously run from one video to the next on the same PowerPoint slide? Or do I need to put each video on it's one slide? I'd prefer to have them on one slide, but if not possible, I may have to have them record all together.. Please advise.

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Joe Tansengco

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for reaching out!

Presenter 360 doesn't have triggers like Storyline 360 which would allow you to play multiple videos one after the other, but you can use Replay 360 to achieve a similar effect. 

You can use Replay 360 to stitch together your 3 videos to form one single video that you can then add to your Presenter 360 course. To add separation to the 3 videos, you can insert images in between each video to serve as a transition piece. 

Let me know if you have any questions!