Presenter PowerPoint Narration Audio

This is the first time that I've used Presenter. Someone sent me over a PPT with Narration. I got the narration to work in PPT Slideshow View after changing the animation.

When I go to  the Articulate tab > Preview or Publish, I don't hear the narration. I don't want to have to save the audio file and import it. I'm sure I'm missing something really basic.




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Mike DiFonzo

Nope, it wasn't me. According to support, Presenter 360 doesn't support audio that's been recorded or imported in PPT. That seems a bit odd but so be it.

They sent me a link to a program  ( that can possibly extract the audio but I was hoping to avoid having to extract and import the audio. Using Presenter isn't going to be a viable option for an efficient workflow.

Good news is that I can still import the  PPT slides and audio into SL 360 and work from there.