Presenter Videos Not Playing - SOLVED

This is the second time I've attempted to utilize Presenter with no luck. Everything looks great except a mp4 video doesn't play in preview or when published. It does play in normal PPT Slide Show though.

Looking through discussions, this has been an issue for several years but I didn't see any recent posts. I tried with animation set to mouse click and set to with/after previous. The only thing displayed is a black box.

SOLVED: PPT was sent with the video inserted into the slide. I saved the media then added it back in on the Articulate tab > Video > Add Slide Video From File.

Not sure if adding the file using the PPT > Insert > Video would also work

I just wanted to post this in case anyone else ran into the same issue.


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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Mike.  I'm sorry you ran into an issue with your PowerPoint slide video.  When including video in your Presenter courses, be sure to use the Articulate insert option.  Articulate functions (like Preview) don't support the PowerPoint video (or audio).  Great idea to re-insert your video!

Let me know if you run into anything else.

Tim Rogers

Been trying to do videos as well but the videos even after inserted from file through Articulate tab preview and then do not play when published - even though when packaging it shows videos being compressed.  Then when you return after publishing they no longer work in preview.  So much for using this in VILT - a shame - liked using quizmaker and engage interactions to help in VILT interactivity.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Tim!

Sorry you're running into this issue! I see that you've submitted a case with my teammate, Gren. It sounds like you're working toward a solution. We'll continue the conversation in your support case.

If others come across a similar issue, don't hesitate to connect with a Support Engineer!