Studio 360: Why do you use it?

Aug 01, 2022

Our organization has courses created over five years ago in Presenter.  The courses need to be updated and it was proposed that I migrate them to Storyline while I am at it (we use Storyline a fair amount).  The courses are, practically speaking, presentations, i.e., there is no interactivity or quizzing, only video and animations built from PowerPoint and exported to Presenter, as I understand it.  My colleague told me that Presenter is now called Studio. 

When I look at Articulate's website, I don't see much current mention of either Presenter or Studio.  Is Studio still a thing?  Is it on the way out?  Is it a suite, or an app?  Why do designers use it?  Is Presenter still used?  Has it been baked into Studio?  I ask because it doesn't seem worthwhile to convert a simple presentation to Storyline when Studio will do, but it seems that Studio is aging or receding.

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Steve Gannon

Presenter is one of three tools in the Studio suite (the other two are Engage and Quizmaker). Yes, you could say that Studio is on the way out as indicated by Articulate in this post in Studio 360's version history:

(Scroll down to December 2, 2020.)

If you need to maintain/update any existing Presenter projects, I recommend you import them into Storyline. I would not recommend creating any new projects in Presenter at this point unless you don't foresee ever having to edit them in the future. With browser and other technology updates, older software tends to break. Although Articulate states in the post linked above that they will continue fixing Studio so that it operates with operating system and browser updates, I doubt that means indefinitely.

Mary Michelini

Steve, thank you very much.  The December 2, 2020 reference is key, and your advice is well taken.  It is no surprise that the Studio suite is on the way out; there is so much overlap with the other Articulate tools.  The website is thus confusing and out of focus.  I will advise my colleagues accordingly.