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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Johanna, 

Thanks for sharing the image here. I'm not able to see the same thing when I've checked on the "fill" section to use a picture or image as the background. You will want to confirm you're working on local project files as detailed here and then I'd look at conducting the repair. 

Also, if the behavior persists can you share the .quiz file here with us? 

Johanna Wyers

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your comment.  I played around with the interface a bit more and figured it out.

Also - while we are on this topic.  Storage on a local C drive is not the preferred location at my company.  We use network drives or shaePoint.  What do your customers typically do to store the PPT and associated Articulate files once a course has been published and uploaded to an LMS?  I was thinking we could store everything on a shared drive, and then move them to a local location while they are being edited.  What is best practice?




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Johanna,

If you need to share files back and forth you can upload to a server, but just make sure you download and extract locally before opening them to work on it. Within Presenter you'll also want to make sure you create the Presenter package and back that up to your shared drive. 

Brett Archer

Yes I have thank you, but in my situation my options for setting a picture are all greyed out as seen in the screenshot above. I'm only with my company until early January and would like to avoid having to reinstall Articulate if possible. Since I cannot set a picture as the background I'm having to paste my picture onto the slide and lock it. It's doing the job but it's frustrating that this feature is not working as intended. Unless I'm missing something?

Tracie Bosket


I have the same problem. I am able to fill the background with a picture, however, I want an image over the background that I can size and move. I see the two options "Fill" and "Picture". The Fill option works fine, but the Picture option is grayed out. Does anyone have any ideas about why it is grayed out?