Missing Submit Button

Hi Team, 

I'm new to using Quizmaker (i usually build them in storyline) and was given a file to update. 

I saved as and made the changes, but when I publish to the LMS the submit buttons have disappeared. 

I've uploaded the file if anyone has a sec to take a look to see what I'm missing before I decide to re-do in storyline. 

Cheers, Rebeca

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Ren Gomez

Hi Rebeca,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your file! I noticed that even during preview I was unable to see a Submit button, though I hovered over the area where it's supposed to be and noticed the functionality was still there.

It looks like a custom player was used, and when I changed it to the built-in default player, the button was visible.

When I attempted to change the player back to the custom design, an error report came up, so it seems there may be some corruption. I've opened a case on your behalf to have our support engineers take a closer look, so be on the lookout for a reply soon!

In the meantime, you may consider importing the slides into Storyline if that's an option!

Sue Ascher


I'm having the same issue with Quizmaker in a Presenter course. I imported the quiz into a new project and it worked with the default player, but as soon as I changed the color and other options, the submit button disappeared.

Can you please take a look? Thanks.


Lauren Connelly

Hello Sue!

Thank you so much for sharing your files! I've looked at both the PowerPoint and Quiz, and when changing the Player color in PowerPoint, the submit button still appears on my end. 

I've used Slate as the Player color and published the course for Review 360. Here's the link.

Please let me know if I'm off base!

Sue Ascher

Hi Lauren,

It is still not working for me - I used the blue and have nothing on the menu (files attached).

It worked before - I only updated the wording in one question.



Sue Ascher
Instructional & Presentation Designer
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Becca Levan

Hello Sue! I'm so sorry to hear you're still having issues with that disappearing submit button once you change the Player color.

Your files didn't attach in your last post, and if you responded by email, that's probably why. No worries! Feel free to resubmit them here, which will connect you with one of our support engineers. As soon as they receive your files, someone will reach out with the next step!