Missing Submit Button

Hi Team, 

I'm new to using Quizmaker (i usually build them in storyline) and was given a file to update. 

I saved as and made the changes, but when I publish to the LMS the submit buttons have disappeared. 

I've uploaded the file if anyone has a sec to take a look to see what I'm missing before I decide to re-do in storyline. 

Cheers, Rebeca

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Ren Gomez

Hi Rebeca,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your file! I noticed that even during preview I was unable to see a Submit button, though I hovered over the area where it's supposed to be and noticed the functionality was still there.

It looks like a custom player was used, and when I changed it to the built-in default player, the button was visible.

When I attempted to change the player back to the custom design, an error report came up, so it seems there may be some corruption. I've opened a case on your behalf to have our support engineers take a closer look, so be on the lookout for a reply soon!

In the meantime, you may consider importing the slides into Storyline if that's an option!