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Chip Ritter

Hi, Sarah! Thanks for your post. 

Graded questions can't be skipped but you can allow the learner multiple tries for a question before marking it wrong and you can allow the learner to Retry the quiz as well. 

Survey questions are a different story. They can be marked as required or not, allowing the learner to skip questions if appropriate. 

Here are links to a couple of tutorials that should help:

Choosing the number of attempts

Required or optional survey questions

Allowing the learner to retry

I hope that helps.

Bob S

Chip has it right (of course!), but I think you may be able "simulate" the skipped question...

Have on each multiple choice question an answer saying something like "D - Skip This Question - you may skip up to X questions". 

Then set your question values such that they need only correctly answer a set number correctly  (total available  - the X  amount they can skip).    Example set question values at 20 points each and only require 80 points to pass.   Provide 6 questions, allowing them to "skip" 2 of them (by answering the D-choice) and still pass the quiz.

Hope this helps!