Quiz still marked complete in LMS even when failed

Jun 22, 2022


I have a 30-question quiz in Quizmaker. I've exported it as a SCORM package to my company's Cornerstone LMS. While the reporting does show whether the user passed or failed, the LMS still returns the course as completed regardless of pass/fail status. I only want it marked completed on passing.

The publish settings were set to Passed/Failed, and then I changed it to Completed/Failed with no luck.

Am I missing something that's causing this not to work?

Thanks in advance!

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Joe Tansengco

Hi Michael,

For LMS related issues, we generally recommend testing your project file in another LMS to see if the behavior that you are encountering is specific to your LMS. SCORM Cloud is the testing engine we use for this purpose. You can create a free account here, and this video shows how to use SCORM Cloud with your Articulate content.

You can also try publishing your course using a different learning standard to see if this helps. Here's a helpful article which explains the different reporting statuses that you can report to your LMS: 

If the issue persists after testing your course in SCORM Cloud, reach out to our support engineers so we can take a closer look at your project file.