Need to record audio internally, not through the microphone

Oct 10, 2013

I'm attempting to create a "Record Screen" Replay project but running into issues with audio. I want to record the audio from the source (my Storyline output) and not the external microphone built into my laptop. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

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adam schreck

Here's an example; President Obama's speech today re: international development issues (available for open distribution to the public). USAID and the White House worked to make the telecast available via YouTube, unfortunately, it was impossible to capture the audio embedded in the stream

See detail on the screen grab, "No Audio," bottom left side of screen

Using two tools to capture and synch video and audio is cumbersome and inefficient


You shouldn't need 2 devices. Replay can record audio using your sound card.
I followed the instructions here to enable "Stereo Mix". Once enabled you can use it to record through replay.  One thing to note, if you are using a headset, your soundcard isn't active. On my laptop, the sound must be coming from the built in speakers. Once I plug in a headset, I can hear through them fine, but there is no longer anything passing through my soundcard to record. 


No problem Leslie; it has been a while since I poked my head in here.

I've noticed around the office that the headset issue was the biggest cause of frustration. My colleagues had no problem finding and activating stereo mix. However, they were unaware that using a headset would cause the condition were no audio would pass through the soundcard to be picked up and recorded. 

Leonie S

The above workarounds sound unnecessarily complicated. I'm currently downloading Camtasia free trial to see if that's simpler. But I wondered if Replay 360 now has the ability to record the computer's audio along with visuals in one take?

I noticed the 360 version has better editing  so that I can cut/trim bits of the screen recording , which is something else I got frustrated with in v1

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leonie,

Were you able to use the "stereo mix" setting as Timothy mentioned above? That was within Windows and an option enabled for use with Replay 1, and the same setting is still accessible when using Replay 360 (location may depend on your Windows version). If you'd like to give the new version a try, you can start your Articulate 360 free trial here. Just log in with your Articulate ID to start the trial and the downloads. 

Leonie S


Yes that works, thank you. Was just quite a faff to have to search through forums and instructions for a very basic function.

I used Camtasia’s free trial in the end and liked the highlight options for the cursor and stronger editing features.
However, I’m planning to try Replay 360 next week – the video inset is a nice feature. And I’ll also try the screencast via Storyline option.

Thanks for your quick response.

Roelf Woldring


If I read this thread correctly, Replay does not have a simple way to record audio directly from the system. Seems odd, expecially since you though think that Replay was designed to record MP4 versions of Articulate PResenter output. So I will just continue to use Snagit rather than Replay. Silly really ..... 

Kirk Arnold

Following the instructions above, I was not able to enable Stereo Mix. It was not an option on my computer.  I'm not using a headset. I'm on Windows 7, Replay 360.   I appreciate any additional suggestions.  Replay 360 does a great job of recording the video.  It would be great if it would record system audio "out of the box" as an option (such as SnagIt, Camtasia, or BB Flashback).

Kirk Arnold

Hi Leslie!

Yes I did - his earlier post is what I was referring to when I said, "Following the instructions above, I was not able to enable Stereo Mix."  

On my machine, there is no option to enable Stereo Mix. Steve mentions it's recording from the sound card on the computer. I use a laptop that doesn't have a separate sound card (it just uses the mother board's sound) so my guess is that's why I don't have that option.  

I currently use a different tool to record video/audio from the web so it's not a huge deal.  However, I like the video quality of recording from Replay and Storyline and would like to decrease the number of tools I have to 'carry in my toolbox.' Therefore, I'd be happy to see 'record system audio' as an option in a 360 update in the future. 



Did you follow these instructions? It should work even for your built-in sound card.  It worked for mine. Pay attention to this section as it is likely your issue.

"I Still Don’t See It…
In some cases, your audio chipset drivers aren’t helping your cause.  Most likely, this is because they’re outdated.  In other instances, however, it’s because the newest Windows drivers for your chipset don’t support this feature.  This was the case on my Asus Eee PC (a 1000HE), but I got around the issue by downloading and installing the older Windows XP/Vista drivers for my audio chipset.  As always, before changing your drivers, make sure create a system restore point in case things don’t go as planned."