Replay: Flash Player 10 Required? 2021

Hello! I'm being prompted that Flash Player 10 or higher is required to run Replay. But Flash Player is no longer supported. Error message encourages me to download the update (not possible) and "using Articulate Replay without the required Flash Player is not supported."

Do I need a software update for Replay? 

Thank you! 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Hervé,

Thanks for reaching out, and that's correct. Replay 1 is no longer supported as it relies on Flash to operate. The article below covers additional details on the End of Flash, and I recommend upgrading to Articulate 360 to take advantage of the latest version of Replay.

Reach out to our Sales Team if you'd like to learn more!

Adam Larsen

I am having the same error whenever I open PowerPoint, regardless if I am using Articulate Presenter '13, or not. Just opening PPT gives me the same error. My colleague is also having the same issue whenever she opens PowerPoint.

I attempted to locate the installation file, but IT pre-installed studio when they upgraded me to a new laptop.

I tried re-downloading Studio to try the fix above for repairing Presenter/Studio, but it only goes to a page to download Storyline 3. (I also have Storyline 3, which is not having issues.)

Where can I re-download Studio '13 to try repairing it?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Adam,

Studio '13 relies on Flash to operate as you can see outlined in this documentation:

How the End of Flash Affects Articulate Apps and Courses

Are you still using this software now that you have Storyline 3? If not, you may wish to uninstall to prevent this error when using PowerPoint as a standalone:

How to Uninstall Articulate Studio '13

Adam Larsen

Hello Leslie,

Thank you. While we aren't creating any new courses with Studio '13, we have a few legacy courses still created with Presenter '13 (Flash with HTML5 Backup.) So we still need Studio '13 to make any updates to these courses.

As we get "free time," we've been slowly converting these courses to Storyline 3 files. However, since they are legacy courses which aren't used very often, we usually have higher priorities than to take the time to convert rarely-used courses.

So, we still need to access Presenter '13 occasionally to make small updates. Though attempting to open Quizmaker '13 won't even open up ad gives the same error. So it looks like we'll be taking the extra time to convert them to Storyline 3, as updates come up.

Thank you for your help.