Replay - Upside Video

Jun 09, 2016

Is there some way to flip the video in replay.  There are times when individuals use their iPhones to create videos.  The VLC video player that I have, shows that it is fine but when I put it into Replay, it is upside down.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elisa,

There isn't a way to flip the video in Replay - but have you tested if any other video players or software such as Powerpoint or Storyline also display it flipped? You could also look at using a tool such as Handbrake to convert the MOV file into another format and see if that stops it from being rotated. 

Elisa Farina

Thanks, Ashley.  Yes, I had tried it in other video players (VLC) and it worked fine.  However, when I pulled it over to Replay it was flipped.  I did find a program to flip the display. 

It is unfortunate that Replay is so limited.  This could be a great program with some of them being the ability to flip movies and accept Microsoft formats like VLC and MovieMaker (since there is no ability for effects or transitions in Replay).

Nancy Parks

Thanks for the quick message & tip. Unfortunately, it did not work for me. The problem is my video looks fine (is not upside down) ... but when it imports to Replay, it always turns upside down. No clue why.  But I can see how this site is helpful if the video is upside down to start with -- works slick!  I did upload my video (which looks fine) and had the site rotate it, so it was upside down, then tried importing into Replay. It was upside down in Replay (no matter how it looked to start with!) Thanks again for your reply. Wish it worked. 

Elisa Farina

Hi, Nancy.  Sorry to hear that it did not work for you.  We also used iPhones and Androids to record video and the video would play perfectly when we were viewing it on our media player.  However, the minute we imported it into Replay, the video would appear upside.  I went to the "rotatomyvideo" site and flipped it anyway.  Then I saved and imported it into Replay and for whatever reason, it worked. 

Good luck! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jamie,

Sorry to hear you ran into this issue (and that it was your first post in E-Learning Heroes!) but our recreation of this issue has been isolated to singular video files shared by customers. I know this is past your mentioned deadline, but if you'd like our Support Team to take a look we're more than happy to. 

Otherwise, if we find out any more on this issue we'll update this discussion. 

Katie H

Hi all,
I had the same issue, and even after using the screen rotating website suggested, replay still rotated it! Grrr.
I used the suggestion to upload it to storyline and save it as a video- this seems to have worked. I didnt even have to rotate it. :)
I have then opened the storyline output (video) in replay and I can now edit it.

Thanks to the community for a variety of solutions!

Athena Anderson

PLEASE add a video rotating feature in Replay! Replay is so easy to use otherwise that I would prefer to use it for all my video editing needs. But every single video file I get that was recorded on a device other than a computer is turned upside-down the second I upload it to Replay! This is driving me nuts! I've tried multiple rotators, which all appear to work fine... until I upload the video to Replay!