Syncing a video to recorded audio

May 14, 2021

Hi guys! This may be a silly question, but I'm new to Articulate so forgive me.  I'm creating my first training video using Replay 360.  I began by saving my project and recording my audio.  I now want to record my screen while listening to the audio.  Can this be done?  In the meantime, I've saved my project twice, had two sessions of Replay open one to listen to my audio and the second to record my screen but when I stopped recording and the video track dropped into the project the audio and video are out of sync!  The audio is ahead of the video so I am at a loss of how to do this.  My preference is to record audio first as I have a narrative to read. Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Rachel!

We're happy to help! It sounds like your video is out of sync after re-recording your screen. Is that correct? 

I'd like our Support Engineers to step in and help find what is causing the snag. Would you mind uploading your Replay project privately in a support case? They'll take a look and reply with their findings.