Unlink Screencast & Webcam

Hello!  I was wondering if I could separate my webcam recording from the screencast.  I see a little chain there, so I'm assuming there's a way to unlink them.  

Maybe I didn't think things completely through, but I'm trying to get familiar with this software, so I recorded a screencast of several pieces of streaming video and then I recorded with the webcam to get the voiceover in so I can play with the PIP.  I couldn't see a way to record the webcam without recording the screen.  

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Jessica,

You should be able to move to the point in the timeline where your screencast or webcam video begin - then you can click on the video mix button. For example, if you wanted to hide the screencast, but show the webcam video, you would click on "B". 

Here's a tutorial that will walk you through the process:

Adding Screen Recordings and Webcam Videos

There's also some information on recording just a webcam video, as well. Hopefully that helps :)

You may also want to take a look at this tutorial:

Mixing Videos


Steven Caban

 I recently posted this question myself and just found an answer from this discussion. I would suggest in the future to allow these to disconnect or unlink. This would provide flexibility to add a picture between the screencast (split screencast but not the webcam). This would enable editing of the screencast but maintain the Webcam.