360° Image viewing

May 08, 2018

Has anyone else ever tried to import a 360° image into a Storyline file? I'm using Storyline 360 for training purposes and would like to include a picture in which someone can look around a room and identify key items. It would look similar to the images that were flooding Facebook for some time. You can click into the image and then scroll around or change the angle at which your device was pointed and look around in an environment...any suggestions appreciated.

I've tried once but it just wants to flatten the image and create a panoramic picture.


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David Tait

Here is a tutorial I wrote about how to rotate a 3D object in Storyline. The principles would be the same for a 3D scene assuming you have all the relevant views you'd need to make it work.

Tutorial: http://www.4-pt.co.uk/3d-rotation-storyline-2/ 

Example 1: http://www.4-pt.co.uk/samples/3d-markers/story.html

Example 2: http://www.4-pt.co.uk/samples/3d-psoriasis/story.html 

Katie Riggio

Thanks for checking back in, Ron! 😊

I don't have an ETA to share as of yet, but I promise we'll keep everyone here in the know with any new information. This discussion is tagged to our VR and 360° support request's report, so if there's any forward movement, everyone here will get an email notification.