360° Image viewing

Has anyone else ever tried to import a 360° image into a Storyline file? I'm using Storyline 360 for training purposes and would like to include a picture in which someone can look around a room and identify key items. It would look similar to the images that were flooding Facebook for some time. You can click into the image and then scroll around or change the angle at which your device was pointed and look around in an environment...any suggestions appreciated.

I've tried once but it just wants to flatten the image and create a panoramic picture.


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Kristoffer Høgberg

You can take 360 images with a phone, but in my experience, a dedicated 360 camera is waaaay better. There are often a lot of artifacts when the phone stiches it together, so you would probably need to fix the image in photoshop afterwards. Go to the link provided in the article, or search for equirectangular images on the web. Or even more rewarding, create your own 3D environment in Blender.

Kristoffer Høgberg

Hi Tom, I have tested the GoPro max before, and that deliveres superb quality (also a "futureproof" purchase for when Articulate hopefully allows us to insert 360 video as well). But, it's not the cheapest. Found this article on premiumbeat comparing some of them (from last year, but don't think there's been that much progress on the 360 side as it's quite niche) 


Kristoffer Høgberg

I was planning on using it for fully custom tooltips for hotspots (not markers) 😊

This might be a super specific use case, but I created a hallway with 6 doors, and I want the user to see what's behind each door when hovering over them. Created a quick mockup to show what I'm trying to achieve:Custom tooltip 360 on hotspot

Annie Kim

Hi Cristina,

Accessibility is currently a work in progress while this feature is in public beta. Currently you can use the arrow keys to pan around the image but more aspects of accessibility will come over the next several updates! Out of curiosity, is there something specific you're looking to do or just looking for overall accessibility?