Ability to change playback speed of audio

Apr 08, 2016

A client has asked me if it was possible to speed up the audio narration in Storyline 2 to 1.25 or 1.5 times normal speed.  She had seen that in some other video and was able to speed up the audio and then slow it down when she needed to concentrate on something.  Thoughts or suggestions?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi April and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for contacting us and sharing that this is a feature you would like to see as well.

We are still tracking user requests for this and I've added this conversation to our report. It isn't at the top of our list right now, but you can check out the things that are.

April Jenner

Hello Leslie:  Thank you for the response.  While we are learned the value of interactive materials, our learners were quickly adapting how they learn using Youtube.  This request is coming from our user base who are asking for it or asking us to move all our content to Youtube.  It is interesting times.

Mark Postma

We have had a request for the variable playback speed by a department within our organization as well. They have requested the ability to set the rate at different speeds (.5x, .75x, 1x, 1.5x, and 2.x) "like it's there on audacity, youtube, coursera". This feature would be very useful for us and would help us convince management to continue with Articulate and not consider another option.

Basia Flournoy

Yes, please!  I've received this request periodically, too.  I actually sent this as a feature suggestion about three-four years ago because of the number of requests I received then.  I don't understand why Articulate developers don't realize how beneficial this feature would be.  Students have different needs.  Some, because of physical restrictions or just preference, wish to hear the voice over at a slower pace.  Some can digest the voice over content at a much faster pace.  When rereviewing the content, a student may wish to hear all of the voice over again but at a much faster pace.  This feature would be a game changer!

Susan C

I sent this note to Articulate Support on the 19th. I'm posting here because I still don't have an answer about timelines.  If the Rise player supports audio settings, why doesn't the Storyline 360 player?


I watched a Rise webinar today. The player is what our students want. We have to create courses in a compliance model because of cheating (not a surprise, happens everywhere, even at West Point). The Rise player has a a feature that figured prominently in end of year evaluations (about 4000 students). The ability to speed up audio. Our students are the YouTube generation. This is so basic to them and really adversely affected course evaluations. They really don't like restricted navigation, but we changed the grades awarded for going through all the material. That helped.  Enabling the player audio would really help. Is it in the pipeline? Many thanks, Susan