Ability to track text entry field and custom dropdown from a single slide in SCORM cloud.

Jan 10, 2023

Hi fam, I have a storyline course with multiple variables and interactions and there's a slide that contains a text entry field and custom dropdown. To satisfy the needs of my client I chose pick many interaction and everything works fine as expected except for one issue that I got stuck with.

The user submits the Pick Many interaction by clicking the custom Next button, then moves on to the upcoming slide to submit the results.

The SL file is attached for your reference. The problem is that the user must enter their name in the provided text entry field before they navigate to this slide. They can then choose to edit the custom drop-down interaction's default values or leave them as-is. When tested in the SCORM cloud, all of the custom dropdown values were tracked as anticipated with the exception of the text entry value. I've been attempting to track the user input value in various methods, but I've had no luck so far.

Any insights on how to accomplish this is much valued.

Thank you!!

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Sandeep, 

Thanks for reaching out! 

You can store the value of the text-entry field shown below in a variable, and then follow the following article to send the value to an LMS. 

Store this value to a custom variable since a multiple choice slide cannot submit this value on its own:

And follow the steps in this article to send the value to an LMS: 

Hope this helps! 

Sandeep Gadam

Hi Eric,

I appreciate you providing such thorough instructions on how to achieve this.

I'll try to get a valid URN from our LMS administrator so that I can see if it works and see if I can also record user-entered information.

I'll keep you informed as soon as possible.

Thank you!!

Eric Santos

Hi Sandeep,

I'd like to share how you can get a valid URN for line 15 in the custom xAPI statement. It appears that you can obtain it from Storyline instead of from the LMS. 

One way to fill in the values for the en-US and id fields for your xAPI statement is to select an object (e.g., slide, object, or custom text) for your verb in the trigger wizard before clicking the + xAPI link.

Here's a screen recording showing how.

Let me know if that works for you.

Sandeep Gadam

Hey Eric

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to guide me through this.

With your guidance & solution, I was able to fetch the text input values into tracking along with the dropdown values successfully.

I have now discovered a new problem as a result of putting this answer into action and testing the full course. The problem in this case is that the dropdown and text entry values were being tracked separately as separate slides with different slide IDs.

Just so you know, Thinkfic serves as our learning management system. I've attached the tracking report, which solely contains the relevant slides, for your information (Scheduler Child 1-5). I initially tested in SCORM cloud and subsequently in our LMS, however the problem (different slides & IDs) persisted in both places.

Could you please check over the generated report and advise me on how to extract the text entry and dropdown values into a single slide and IDs.

As a result of the restrictions/limitations, I'm not aware of any further options for the Storyline.

Will there therefore be a way to retrieve the values into a single slide for tracking in the Thinkfic LMS? Could you please advise/guide me through this?

I greatly appreciate your help.

Jose Tansengco

Hello Sandeep, 

Thanks for the additional information! 

Each question slide interaction is assigned a unique ID to distinguish the response from other interactions. By design, each question slide can only send a single interaction response to an LMS, which typically shows up in LMS reporting like this: 

Notice the combination of the scene, slide, and interaction type. 

What you are experiencing is expected behavior, and is unfortunately a limitation of the workaround that we shared with you. 

  • If you use the xAPI method, you'll need to input a ValidURN for the variable, which will make the interaction unique and therefore cannot be associated with the dropdown interaction. 
  • If you use the survey question slide method, this would require the variable to be sent from its own survey question slide, also forcing the interaction to have its own slide and interaction ID. 

There is no way to combine the text entry and dropdown into a single interaction that would report as a singular slide.

I’ll be happy to pass your design requirements on to our product team, but you can also feel free to detail them more through a feature request!