Accessibility challenge for focus

Aug 23, 2021


The focus is not going to text field and images by default by pressing Tab key. The focus is reading only the buttons. 

I am facing this problem form past 1 and half years. Previous version of 2019 was working fine.

Let me know if any solution for this. Attaching the sample story file.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Madankumar!

I'm happy to help! The Tab key is used to jump to interactive objects on the Focus Order. Interactive objects are buttons, hotspots, graphics, etc. To navigate to text, you'll use the arrow keys, specifically the up and down arrows. The right and left arrows will read each letter individually.

I've published your project on my end and used NVDA as the screen reader. Here's a quick 2-minute video where I've explained how to move through the course.

Let me know if you have additional questions!

Marianick Pichon


Piggybacking on this, is there a way to not go through all the buttons and tabs and especially what's related to the browser (security certificate, URL bar) when using Focus order? OR is there a way to "go back"?
My issue is that if you miss your first "target", you then have to press Tab an insane number of tabs just to go back to that first object you missed. It's very frustrating for the user. 

Thank you!