Accessibility Issue: Screen reader answer text does not update when "shuffle" is set on most single/multiple choice quiz questions.

Aug 23, 2021

I haven't seen this issue addressed yet so I am curious if this is the first you have heard of it?

Accessibility issue: Screen readers are not accounting for the change in the order of the answer choices when the "answer shuffle" is turned on in Storyline. This does not impact question shuffle, only answer shuffle. Please turn off the answer shuffle to resolve the issue. This also does not seem to be an issue in Rise, only Storyline. [image taken from a learner's screen]

To replicate: simply create a question with multiple choice. Set it to shuffle answers, enable screen reader, view in Review, refresh/clear cache, and see that the screen reader text does not update with each reload or the shuffled answer order....thus causing an issue for screen reader dependent audiences to inadvertently select the incorrect response.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Lia!

I'm happy to help! I appreciate you providing a screenshot as well.

On that slide, can you look at the Focus Order? Does the screen reader match what is listed on the Focus Order? The Focus Order will stay the same whether the answer choices are set to shuffle or none. We recommend turning the shuffle off to ensure the Focus Order and answer choices order is the same.

Also, do you mind sharing which screen reader you are using?