Accessibilty Tab order not working

Nov 07, 2022

I have a project that has multiple variables and layers.  Many of the layers are in the slide masters, while some of the navigation elements are on the main slides.  I have removed things from the slide master that do not need to be in the focus order, and have gone in and set the focus order from the main slide. (This includes the correct order of all items in that slide, regardless of their location.)  I am certain that is all set, however when testing this out, even on a screen with almost no layers or additional variables, the tab order is not working.  It skips most of the slide, and hits other things out of order.  There are also other 'invisible' tabs, that I can't even determine where they go.  Any thoughts?

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Ānaru Karl

I'm having the exact same problem. We have produced over 30 modules in the last 6 months that all worked perfectly fine to generate accessible learning. However, these same modules when exported now are ignoring the focus order completely. I have rebuilt the focused order multiple times and can not make this work. This is a major issue that we need to resolve.

Ānaru Karl

Hi Phil,

We have been doing Accessibility Testing on our module for the last 12 months using multiple screen readers, including Apple Voiceover, JAWS and NVDA In our most recent modules, which have been built from templates based on previous modules, the sort order is completely unpredictable. However, during my testing, I have found that If I copy a single slide to a completely black document, the sort order fixes itself. However, the solution is not going to help us as we have 10 modules to resolve this issue with 20+ slides in each using complex interactions.

Eric Santos

Hi Anaru,

I'm sorry to hear you're encountering issues with Accessibility. Good call on reaching out to our Support team! You're in good hands with Renato. I see that he's requesting a copy of your project file to gather clues about the problem. I've also alerted him regarding your follow-up here today, and you can continue the discussion from there.

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Let me know if this helps!