Accessing the Scene Title Variable (Storyline 3)

Dec 27, 2018

I am looking to capture the Storyline variable that corresponds to the scene title so that it will automatically set my currentScene variable to display the section title in the header of the content slide.

I have tried the following which are designed to capture the slide title, and neither of these worked:

  • curslide = story.allSlides[player.slideIndex].title;
  • var player = GetPlayer();

(Yes, I know these are written to capture and display the slide title, but if it worked, I could probably figure out how to display the scene title.)

Has anyone discovered a means to do this without having to manually trigger and change the value of my currentScene variable?

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Raul Castillo

Sorry to be a bit blunt, but I honestly dont understand you people. Customers come in here asking for specific a scene name variables..and like.... for two or three years you sit on it,...and then, you give us slide name variables, ... but we have been asking for scene name variables for two years now.

Wolfram Klauk

Hello together.  A variable like "Scene.Title" would help a lot to set up and name a valid structure and insert the variable in the master layout slides. Safes a lot of work and avoids mistakes if one has to change a scene name and just has to do it in the scene/slide view instead of every slide in the scene. "Project.Title" is missing as well.

My proposal for variables would be to have the customer exposed variable names hierarchical as well, which is much easier to remind: 

Project.Title  (insert an input field on to of the 1st scene name to set the value)

Scene.Title (set value per scene as in scene view)

Slide.Title (why is it named: Project.SlideTitle? well - at least it exists...)

I was a bit shocked to find out, that it does not exist for project and scenes. Even more as the idea was posted years ago.

Come on, please, it is definitely not rocket-science coding to implement it in storyline.

Andrea Koehntop

Hello Wolfram, and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! ✨

I appreciate you taking the time to share how this feature would be beneficial to you.

I will take your comments back to my team, and keep you in the loop if there are any updates on this feature request.

Here's how we manage feature requests. We will let you know if this one lands on our feature roadmap