Adding a Multiple Response Question to a scrolling panel

Oct 26, 2022

Hi Community 

Can any provide any guidance. 

I am trying to add a MRQ to a scrolling panel. 

The idea is that the user selects all the required sections off of a checklist (Dangerous Goods Acceptance checklist) 

When i ty to lift the MRQ intro the panel it is not allowed... any suggestions?

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Sandeep Gadam

Hello Craig AG, The scroll will automatically display based on the slide size and you can add up to 10 responses to a single MRQ by default. Those responses cannot be added to a scroll panel that has been manually added.

If you need to display more than 10 responses, I advise you to make a customized MRQ and come up with your own triggers. Let me know if you need any help with as I have created a few of them to meet my client requirements!